Reducing tube manufacturing process

Carbon steel reducer size of the first carbon steel reducer (commonly known as "carbon steel size head") a different diameter tube, the material for the carbon steel. Reducing tube according to the material classification: stainless steel reducer, alloy steel reducer, carbon steel reducer. Connection: clamp (fast) type, welding, thread (live) type. According to whether the equal diameter is divided into concentric reducer and eccentric reducer tube production process: the same diameter of the same diameter tube diameter tube into the forming mold, through the axial direction along the tube to suppress the metal Along the cavity movement and shrink forming. According to the size of the reducer diameter, divided into a press forming or multiple press forming
Reducing tube is a tube connecting different diameter pipe, let's take a brief look at the production process of the reducer. Reducing pipe of the process characteristics:
Reducing tube blank for the flat or can be curved surface, and thus simple cutting, easy to ensure precision, easy assembly and welding, the size of the head because there is no need for any special equipment, especially for large-scale processing of carbon steel elbow.

Carbon steel reducer

Reducing pipe according to the pressure level to points: about 17 kinds, and the United States of America pipe standards are the same, there are one of the most commonly used STD and XS two.
Without the need for bulb as raw material, can save the pipe equipment and mold costs, and can be any large diameter and relatively thin wall thickness of the carbon steel elbow reducer is known as the reducer, reducer in the design and Production form in accordance with the corresponding standard design, to adapt to the development of the times, in accordance with the rules and standards to use and points, satisfied with the needs of the industry. Let's take a brief look at the production of the reducers in the design and production form according to the corresponding standard design to conform to the development of the times.
The quality of the reducers shall be in accordance with the provisions of the existing ASTMB 16.9. The roundness of the reducers shall not be greater than 1% of the outer diameter of the corresponding end and the permissible deviation shall be ± 3 mm; the allowable deviation of the size of the reducers shall be in accordance with Table 4.2.2 -3. Reducing tube implementation, American Standard German standards and customer requirements standards. Reducing pipe for the oil, natural gas, chemical, hydropower, construction and boiler industries such as the pipeline system.
Our company is the size of the larger diameter of Hebei Province, the size of the first manufacturer, the same size of the head tube, can be divided into concentric reducer and eccentric reducer, our company specializes in the production of various models of large diameter Tube, carbon steel reducer, alloy reducer, stainless steel reducer and other products.