Hebei Confirms Six Major Agricultural Technological Innovation Projects

The reporter learned from the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province that the province organized and implemented six major agricultural science and technology innovation projects. After three years of hard work, the province will establish high-quality food, high-yield agricultural resources, agricultural product processing, food safety production, agricultural disaster reduction and disaster prevention, and rural areas. Comprehensive technology services 6 major technological innovation systems.

High-yield food science and technology projects. Hebei Agricultural University, the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the backbone municipal research institutes were organized to carry out technical research on high-quality water-saving and high-yield groups of wheat and corn, and nutrient balance and high-efficiency utilization, which provided technical support for the construction of the core grain production area in the province.

Agricultural products processing technology project. Focusing on the five major processing industries of dairy products, meat, grain and oil, fruits and vegetables, and biomass, we will do a good job in the construction of the technological R&D platform for 20 large and medium-sized agricultural leading enterprises and nurture a group of leading enterprises in scientific and technological agricultural industrialization.

Dairy Science and Technology Engineering. Organizations such as Sanlu Group and Xiaoyangren Group have cooperated with universities such as Hebei Agricultural University and China Agricultural University to carry out demonstrations of technological R&D and industrialization. Accelerate the pace of Hebei dairy cow breeding bases, high-quality milk bases, modern intensive rearing bases, quality forage grass production bases and new dairy product research and development bases.

Agricultural Water Saving Science and Technology Demonstration Project. Organize scientific research units to carry out agro-biological and management water-saving technology integration research and demonstration, and establish a development optimization model for water-saving agriculture.

Agricultural Improved Species Innovation Project. The use of modern biotechnologies means to intensify the innovation of germplasm resources, accelerate the selection and introduction of new varieties, introduce more than 50 new varieties, reserve 3000 core germplasm resources with stable genetic specificity, and construct new varieties for demonstration. 105 bases.

Two Mountain Technology Project. In the Taihang Mountains, the construction of the Spark Industrial Belt will be carried out, focusing on the development of six major pillar industries such as green and famous fruits and eco-aquaculture; the development of special industrial clusters will be carried out in Yanshan, focusing on the cultivation and development of the five key industries such as chestnut.