Introduction to the smooth method of two kinds of bearing oil

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Introduction to the smooth method of two kinds of bearing oil

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-06-18

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The oil mist smoothing system supplies very fine oil particles suspended in low-speed, low-pressure air. The oil particles pass through the nozzles and/or collide with the high-speed working bearing components to make the bearing tortuously penetrate the oil. The oil mist supplies the lowest heat dissipation ability; The specific flow rate of air flow and air is low. However, the oil mist system can be used in high-performance bearings;
The pressure oil delivery system is more messy than the lens smooth oil system. In a typical system; smooth oil is pumped from the main oil sump to each bearing; from the small end of the bearing; the active oil transfer function of the tapered roller bearing is used; Big end out.
The smoothing of the smooth oil continues and the flow is fixed; then the maximum heat dissipation and erasing functions are provided; the contaminants and particles that can wear the bearing are removed; the heat exchanger in the circulation system is used to lower the oil temperature and extend the life of the smooth oil. Equipment filtration equipment can also be used to remove particles that can cause bearing wear. The smoothing oil system is uniquely advantageous for the use of high-performance bearings; in these cases, heat dissipation and long-term smooth oil life are very important.
In high-speed operation; the oil pressure delivery system should be used; the equipment has injectors; the oil is sprayed directly onto the small end of the roller; the open space between the cage and the inner raceway. In addition; the nozzle aperture is usually Approximately 2. 5mm; can be placed along the circumference of the bearing; the oil is split at the small end of the roller; sometimes it can flow to the big end to achieve the best heat dissipation.

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