Children's room three feng shui benefits children's healthy and happy growth

Children's room decoration Feng Shui know how much, parents look at here, Xiaobian for your answer, three points children's room decoration Feng Shui matters needing attention, for children healthy and happy growth, may wish to listen.

First, the location of the children's room is best in the east and southeast of the living room.

Feng Shui theory believes that the eastern part of the room is the position of the eldest son in the family, and the southeast is the position of the eldest daughter. In modern families, there is usually only one child in the family. This child is also the eldest son or eldest daughter in the family.

The children's room is located in the east and southeast of the living room. It is not only sunny, but the morning sun can be sprinkled into the room, which is good for children's health. It is also the child's feng shui standard, which is beneficial to the growth and development of the child.

Second, the feng shui precautions placed in the children's bed

1, the children's bed is not close to the door.

If the child's bed is close to the door, it is easily affected by the external environment, which will adversely affect rest and sleep and body growth.

2, the children's bed must avoid the beam top

If the children's bed is placed under the beam, it is the "beam beam top" mentioned in the Feng Shui. This is a feng shui taboo, which will give people a heavy sense of pressure, often have nightmares, and seriously affect mental health. Moreover, there will be considerable resistance to the child's future development, and must be avoided.

3, the children's bed can not be too close to the window sill

If the children's bed is too close to the window sill, not only does it have a great safety hazard, but the baby is not sensible, and it is easy to be dangerous. Moreover, the wind blowing in the window may also be detrimental to the health of the baby.

Third, the floor of the children's room

After the baby leaves the cradle, the floor naturally becomes the place where they are most exposed; during the child's growth, the floor is the main place for their activities. This requires that the children's room floor must meet the requirements of safety, comfort and cleanliness; the color can be combined with the child's nature, not too deep and heavy.

Of course, from the aspect of feng shui, the color of the floor of the children's room is best determined by combining the baby's numerology and jealousy. For example, if the baby is numerating, the green series is the best.

In terms of materials, wood flooring is preferred. Wood flooring is safer and more comfortable than stone flooring, and is easier to clean than carpets. It is the first choice for children's rooms. If the baby hangs on the wood, it can be adjusted from the color.

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