Detailed analysis of 360° surface of children's room feng shui

Pattern and decoration

1. Children's bedroom should not be placed under the balcony, near the outdoor unit of air-conditioning or other operating machines, so as to avoid brain neurasthenia.

2. The ceiling of the bedroom should be flat, preferably with a light color (dark color is fierce)

3. The bedroom floor should not be covered with dark or long-haired carpet to avoid affecting the respiratory tract.

4. Do not place the mirror and hang too many wind chimes to prevent the child from neurasthenia due to easy distraction. There must be no mirror at the entrance to avoid dissatisfaction and multiple tongues.

5. The picture has a great influence on the growth of children. The paintings on the walls should be based on natural positive content. It is not advisable to hang the stars of the warriors, costumes or heavy makeup, and do not hang the gods. Because it is easy for children to be deaf, the character is too premature, and it is not natural growth.

6. Children's toys should be mainly toys such as piano, car or building blocks that are good for inspiring intelligence, while dolls, animal dolls, etc. should not be closed or locked in the cabinet, so as to prevent children from having a bad inclination from childhood.

7. The light in the bedroom should be bright; the main color should be red, dark and black, so as not to be restless.

8. The bedroom door cannot be hedged with the toilet door.

Ground wall

1. The floor of the children's room is best for laying natural wood flooring. It is safe and easy to clean, but it is not suitable to place the carpet. Although the safety of the carpet is high, it is easy to adhere to too much dust. Long-term use can cause bronchitis in children. And respiratory diseases.

2. The decoration should be as simple and practical as possible, and the wall should not be posted too fancy wallpaper to avoid confusion.

3. Walls avoid posting grotesque animal portraits, because they are tangible and spiritual,

4. The color of the wall is not available. It is too glaring red and purple. Avoid too irritating the senses, and avoid black. The sky blue is dotted with some grass green, bright yellow and pink colors, which can also achieve a harmonious effect.

Desk orientation

1. The back of the desk and the left and right can not be punched

2. The desk should not face the toilet, nor can it be backed by the toilet bathroom; the left and right cannot be flushed with the toilet door.

3. Do not sit in the kitchen stove and toilet bathroom

4. It is best not to have high object pressure in front of the desk.

5. The desk should not face the outside lane, road or water tower

Children's bed

1. The child's bed cannot be placed under the beam

2. If the bed is facing the window, the sun should not be too strong, the sun is too strong and easy to be upset.

3. The bed cannot be on the balcony (this is the expansion of the bed, all or part of the child's bed is on the balcony), and it is even more difficult to close to the balcony floor window.

4. The bed should not be up and down in the kitchen stove (susceptible to skin disease, upset and upset), or in the toilet

5. The bed is not correct for the foot (the foot is easy to sprain) or the toilet

6. The bed head does not flush the door, not reliable before and after the toilet

7. The bed cannot be placed under the god hall (it is best not to be normal when the child is normal)

8. The bedside can't put the recorder (it is easy to cause brain nerves)

9. If the child is the only child in the family, the bed of the child bed should be placed in the same direction as the bed of the parents, which helps the parents and the child to have a good relationship.

10. If two or more children in the family share a room, the bed in the same direction will also help the relationship, reduce friction

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