PVC sports floor seam treatment method

Weld joint processing:
After the compressed adhesive of the bonded sports floor sheet is completely hardened, it is then dug to 2/3 of the thickness of the sports floor using a V-shaped groover, and then the welding rod is cut off at the length of the joint.

The heat-welding machine is used to melt the sports floor sheet and the welding inlay at the same time, and then the two sides of the welding inlay are closely bonded with the sports floor sheet so that the welding treatment is quickly and uniformly performed before the sports floor surface becomes glossy.

After the welding is completed, when the welding inlay is warm, the protruding portion is scraped off with a knife, and after the cooling is completed, the corner portion is flattened to make it smooth with the surface of the sports floor.

The scratched area should be waxed and heated to give it a shiny appearance.

The parts that are in contact with the wall surface are colored with the same color without silicon acetate.

Sealant joint processing:

When the elastic floor is laid, the edges of the two floors overlap by about 20mm, and then they are cut neatly with a knife to form a solid joint. The joints of the sealing and splicing are not connected on both sides. The joints of the seal splicing are used below 1mm, and the joints are not easy. Perceived, the disadvantage is that the joints will seep through the water, and the long time is easy to squeegee, and most of the sheets and rubber flooring (rolls or sheets) are not suitable for antibacterial use. Use sealed splicing to achieve a better decorative effect.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the two seam treatment methods. Please select according to your needs.

Aluminum Die Casting Track Light

The advantages of L

1, Led Track Light is LED as light source, LED light source is cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, pure color, high luminous efficiency, low frequency flash, energy saving health.
2, LED track light is a typical feature of energy saving, the same brightness of the LED track light and ordinary gold halogen track light, LED track light power consumption is only ordinary gold halogen track lamp 40%-60%, showing its power saving effect.
3, the company's brand LED track lamp life can reach at least 30000 hours, while the ordinary gold halogen track lamp life is generally in the 8000 hours, can see the difference between the base life.

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Widely used in shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores, brand stores), car show, jewelry, clothing, brand hotels, upscale clubs, Bo relics exhibition hall, chain stores, brand business hall, professional window, counter and other key areas.

Aluminum Track Light

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