Interior stairs design specifications Interior stairs design tips

With the improvement of living standards, people have more and more requirements for the design of interior staircases. How can the stairs be designed to reflect the owner's taste? Here we come to introduce you to the interior design rules and interior stairs design tips.

Interior stairs design specifications:

First, the slope of the slope of the stairs. The indoor stairs are for people to use. The height of one floor is different. Some floors have high height on each floor, while some floors have normal height on each floor. At this time, the slope of the interior stairs must be designed. In general, the slope of the stairs is about 30 degrees. This angle is most consistent with the habit of people going up and down the stairs. This angle also takes into account the relationship between the elderly and children.

Second, the width and height of each step of the interior stairs. The stairs are composed of first-order steps. Basically, the width and height of each step of the stairs are the same, so that people will not be surprised when they take the stairs. The width of each step is at least To adapt to the size of the adult's foot, therefore, the width of each step is about 30 cm is the best time, and the height is about 18 cm is the most appropriate.

Third, the width of the entire stairs specification. This width should not be too large. It would be too wasteful for the General Assembly to waste space. It should not be too small. It would be inconvenient for a small person to go up and down the stairs. It would not be too much for two people to cross each other on the stairs. The width of this staircase is optimal at 90 cm.

Interior stairs design tips:

First: The first thing to understand is: the classification and characteristics of indoor staircases. So that we can decide which material stairs to use based on where the stairs are used. Stairs can be divided into wooden stairs, metal stairs, concrete stairs, brick stairs, etc. according to the composition of the material. The use of wooden staircases is relatively large, the production is relatively simple, the price has a direct relationship with the wood used, and it is determined that walking is prone to noise. The metal staircase has a light structure, a modern style, and convenient construction. It is not easy to determine the protection. The pouring process of concrete stairs is complicated and the construction time is relatively long. However, it is durable, safe, and it will not move around. The use of brick staircases is relatively small, the shapes are more rigid, and space cannot be used effectively.

Second: The layout of the stairs is also a design consideration. For example, the stairway is not right at the door. If this happens, there are three ways to avoid it. The first is to turn the staircase facing the gate in one direction. For example, the shape of the stairs is designed to be curved, so that the direction of the stairs is reversed and the door is turned away. The second is to hide the stairs and it is better to hide behind the wall. The use of two walls to clamp the stairs can increase the sense of security when the owner steps up and down the stairs. The space under the stairs can be designed as a storage room. The third is to use a screen to place a partition between the door and the stairs, so that Wang Gas can follow the screen. Enter the house.

Third: Handrails and railings on stairs are also areas that should not be overlooked. At the same time, the design of the handrail is another key, and the design of the handrail is an important part of the assessment of the design of the stairs. The handrails of the interior stairs are mainly made of wood handrails, steel handrails, stainless steel handrails, copper handrails and so on. The height of the railing is generally about 90 centimeters. Do not use mirrored stainless steel or other silver shiny metal. The most ideal material is forged steel, followed by cast iron, and again wood or porcelain. The welding area of ​​the guardrail should be full and the weld should be around. smooth.

Fourth: The platform at the end of the ladder is also a place to pay attention to. In general, this platform should not be designed in residential centers. There are three types of stairs in home renovation: one is a spiral ladder, one is a diagonal ladder, and the other is a staircase with a turn platform halfway.

Xiao Bian concludes: The interior stairs design specification and your interior stair design tips have been introduced. Hopefully it will help you. For more information, please pay attention to this website.

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