Nine animal husbandry sanitary good in the end when choosing a bathroom should pay attention to what

With the development of society, people are increasingly demanding the choice of bathroom products, not only in the selection of practical products, but also in the choice of time to refer to the overall decoration style to match. Following small to tell you about the nine, animal husbandry and sanitary good in the end what should be the choice of the bathroom.

Jiumu bathroom in the end is good

Nine animal husbandry in the end is good or bad, this is what I say, the most important thing is to see the consumer's evaluation of it to know. Let's take a look at what netizens have said about it. A: First of all, this kind of product is a kind of cost-effective, especially the leading animal husbandry and metal pendant is also very good, it is suitable for the public's consumption and quality requirements."

Netizen 2: This product may have some differences in quality with those of Kohler and Wrigley, but the price of this product can be said to be very good. User 3: Although Jiumu Sanitary Ware, it does not have a unique shape and a unique feeling. But knowing that this brand is taking its course is a popular one. Relatively speaking, modeling is worse. User Four: Nine animal husbandry brand reputation is very good, but this product is also very affordable, very practical.

What should you watch out for when choosing a bathroom

1, toilet class: choose to pay attention to flushing methods and water consumption

First of all, we must know that the way to flush toilet seats can be divided into two types of straight flush and siphon. In general, flush toilets are loud and easy to counteract. However, we must know that siphonic toilet seats are silent toilet seats with high water seals and are not easily deodorised. Bathing class. Then, according to the bathtub, it can be divided into ordinary steel bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, and 3.5mm thick steel bathtubs. In general, like ordinary steel bathtub cleaning will be easier, is the shape of a single, acrylic bathtub shape more abundant, but its short life, the most important thing is not easy to clean after aging; cast iron bathtub long life, high grade , Higher prices, handling, installation more trouble.

2, basin type: basin in addition to modeling, consumers should pay attention to the glaze

Because of the good glaze, this product does not hang dirty, the surface is easy to clean, long-term use is also the same, you can look at the light, from the side of the ceramic from multiple angles of view, if it is the kind of good glaze should not have Spots, pinholes, trachoma and bubbles, the surface is very smooth.

3, toilet purchase attention to whether the drain port 'slippery'

When many owners buy toilets, many people pay more attention to their appearance. They also consider whether seats are comfortable to sit on. These two points are only superficial. In fact, when the toilet flushes, it is more important whether the dirt can be washed away. So you have to consider its flush effect when you choose. In addition to seeing whether or not the flushing is fast and powerful when purchasing, you should try to find out whether the bottom of the drain is 'slippery'. If it is smooth, it is better. If it is found to be rough, it will be more troublesome to use in the future. of.

Summary: About Jiumu bathroom in the end is good and what should pay attention to what the relevant content is introduced to this bathroom, bathroom choice must be based on personal habits and functional needs to consider, but also according to the size of space, there are It's style to match.

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