What are the dimensions of the cabinet? What are the misunderstandings of cabinet design?

Cabinets are one of the indispensable pieces of furniture in our kitchen, and we all care about it during the renovation. However, during the renovation, we found that we didn't know much about the cabinet design. At this time, how should we design the cabinets that suit our kitchen? What is the size of the cabinets? Today, Xiaobian will come to see the cabinets with everyone. The size and the misunderstanding of the cabinet design!


What is the size of the cabinet?

At present, the common kitchen cabinets should have a normal height of 820mm~850mm, a countertop width of 550mm~600mm, and a ceiling height of 688mm~720mm, 800mm, 850mm, and 900mm. Of course, these sizes are extra. of. The depth of the wall cabinet is usually 330mm~350mm. This is just a reference data, the height of the cabinet can be designed according to your own situation.

How to calculate the size of the cabinet:

The normal cabinets are 600 wide and 800 high; the cabinets are 320 deep and 700 high (excluding the top line). Every manufacturer is somewhat different. Common floor cabinets are 550 deep, 650 high, and single doors 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, and 600. The double doors are 600, 700, 800, 900, and 1000. The cabinet is 300 meters deep, 700 or 800 high, and has the same floor cabinet. The single door is 50-ary, and the double door is 100-ary. The depth of the table is 600, and the elevation of the façade is 40 or 60. Manufacturers of standard sizes can produce standard cabinets in advance, produce door panels according to orders, shorten the lead time, and also install standard functional hardware accessories and kitchen embedded appliances.

Size of cabinet material:

The specification of particleboard or MDF is: 4X8 ft. maximum discharge rate Calculated (non-special) The height of the cabinet is the side panel: 700-720mm, which is exactly half of the narrow side of the sheet. The side panels are the most used. The depth of the upper cabinet is based on the yield: it is exactly 1/4 of the narrow side, ie 350-360 mm. The depth of the jaw is based on the yield: it is exactly 1/4 of the wide side, and 560-600mm. As for the width, it is also based on the yield rate. There are basically certain industry standards in the world, namely standard cabinets: starting from 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm. The national standard stipulates that the maximum length of the cabinet should not exceed 1200mm, otherwise the strength of the cabinet will not meet the requirements.

Misunderstanding of cabinet decoration

Misunderstanding 1: The pool and the stove are not on the same operating surface or too far away

The general kitchen workflow is processed after washing and then cooked. It is best to design the pool and the cooktop on the same process line, and the functional areas between the two are connected by a straight table as the console.


Myth 2: The pool or stove is placed in the corner of the kitchen

Some kitchens are very unreasonable in design. The flue is in the form of wall sills. The gas pipes are reserved near the flue. Many people take it for granted that they are placed close to the flue wall. In this way, the operator's elbow will often hit the wall during cooking, otherwise you can only stretch the arm or give up using the wall to cook the food. The placement of the pool wall will also bring the same trouble.

Misunderstanding 3: The console uses the same height

At present, all operating tables in most homes use a uniform height of 80 cm or slightly adjusted according to the height of the main operator. But for every job in the kitchen, not that height is very comfortable. Kitchen countertops should be designed to different heights depending on the work area.

Myth 4: The table is next to the stove

In the open kitchen, the restaurant is connected to the kitchen. At this time, the island pattern is the most used. Some people design the island workbench as a cooking or washing area, and connect the table to it. It is hoped that the cook can communicate with the family at any time. However, in use, it will be found that soot and water will continue to splash on the table.

The size of the cabinet is determined according to the height of our boiled woman, so we should pay attention to these details when designing! The above is the size of the cabinet and the misunderstanding of the cabinet design introduced by Xiaobian today. It is over here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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