The development of China's machinery industry has turned to a manufacturing power

Recently, CNN broadcasted a public service advertisement on China-made products produced by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in the Asian market. This advertisement has been broadcasted by domestic and foreign media and industry. As a general concern, "Made in China" has become a hot topic for people to talk about.

Through the video, we can easily find that in just 30 seconds of advertising, from the brand sports shoes worn by the athletes in the morning to the top fashions worn by the models, to the Apple MP3, even the plane left the "Made" In China" logo. According to statistics, in all industrial products in the world, whether it is small crafts, refrigerators, televisions and Other home appliances, or aircraft, ships, etc., the figure made in China is everywhere. This reflects the rapid development of China's equipment manufacturing industry represented by machinery and automobiles. Without the development of heavy industries such as machinery, the light industry that produces all kinds of consumer products loses the most basic production tools, and China cannot become a world factory.

The China Machinery Industry Federation and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers jointly issued the annual list of the top 100 machinery industry and the top 30 automobile industry, most of which are the backbone of China's machinery and automobile industry. For example, China Machinery Industry Corporation, which ranks first among the top 100 machinery companies, has exceeded 100 billion yuan in annual sales. It is the top 50 of the world's 225 largest international contractors and the top 100 global engineering consulting and design companies. Geely Holding is the "China Automotive Industry". One of the fastest growing and fastest-growing companies in the past 50 years; for example, the companies such as construction motorcycles, Shangshang Cable and Luozhou are among the leading enterprises in China's machinery and automobile industry. The development track of these large enterprises reflects the development trend and competitive strength of China's machinery and automobile industry to a considerable extent.

From the statistical data, the equipment manufacturing industry accounts for a considerable proportion of “Made in China”, and in the sense that the top 100 enterprises can represent “Made in China”. In 2008, the main business income of the top 100 machinery enterprises (excluding automobiles) totaled 930.57 billion yuan, which was 2.87 times that of the first order in 2003, which was 323.625 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 23.5%. In 2008, the main body of large enterprises in the automobile industry The business income of the business was 1,416.33 billion yuan, which was 2.57 times that of 551.4 billion yuan in 2003, with an average annual increase of 20.8%. These data reflect the good growth of large enterprises in China's machinery and automobile industries. At the same time, the equipment manufacturing industry represented by machinery and automobiles is the pillar industry of the national economy. While providing production materials for various light industries and promoting China's manufacturing to the world, it also exerts its own cluster effect and leading effect on the social economy. The development has greatly promoted.

However, we should be soberly aware that China is a big country but not a manufacturing power. It is a mechanical power but not a mechanical power. At present, the overall self-sufficiency rate of China's machinery and automobile industry is only about 60%, especially behind the international advanced level in the core technologies and key links of major complete sets of technical equipment and high-tech products. Compared with contemporary first-class multinational companies, there is a huge gap between research and development capabilities and independent innovation capabilities. For example, China's automobile production and sales have ranked second in the world, but none of the world's top 10 auto companies and Chinese auto companies have been able to be short-listed.

Cai Weici, executive vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said: The China Machinery Industry Federation spends a lot of manpower and material resources on the release of the top 100 mechanical and top 30 auto companies. On the one hand, it hopes that all sectors of society will develop the machinery and automobile industry in China. There is a clearer and more comprehensive understanding. On the other hand, it is also the company that hopes to be selected to recognize the gap between itself and the world-class enterprises. It is better than learning to catch up and lead the industry toward a higher and farther future. The transformation from manufacturing a big country to a "making a strong country."

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