Look at the EMO 2009 under the shadow

The 2009 European International Machine Tool Show (EMO) was held on October 5-10 in the Pero exhibition center 20km northwest of Milan, Italy. Its right 20km is the famous F1 Monza circuit in Italy. The triangle is in a situation. 1,400 exhibitors from 39 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. Among them, there are more than 80 exhibitors from mainland China, more than 100 in Taiwan, and an exhibition area of ​​about 100,000 square meters. The official audience is 12.4. Million.
The new Italian Pello Exhibition Center is currently the largest exhibition venue in Europe, and the EMO Machine Tool Show is the first time here. The entire building uses steel frame prefabricated parts, so it looks like a new atmosphere, but the structure is simple, and the exhibition hall is concentrated, unlike the Hanover, it is necessary to rely on the bus.
At present, the international financial crisis has not yet bottomed out. Germany and Japan, which have been leading the world's machine tool industry, are still in a severe situation in the first half of this year. Sales have fallen by 30% and 65% respectively. These shadows have also seriously affected the EMO exhibition. The number of spectators has dropped a lot from the original estimate of 200,000 people; the exhibition date has also been compressed from the original 8 days to 6 days. Some of the world's most famous tool manufacturers are actually absent from this exhibition, and even some European machine tool brand manufacturers only pull out the products of their Italian factories.
The depression of the exhibition is mainly reflected in the popularity. The relatively lively 1, 2, 3, and 4 pavilions are simply a little different from the Beijing CIMT2009. Many big-name exhibitors have reduced the packaging in addition to compressing the booth area in order to save money. Level. In 1989, the author went abroad to Hannover to see the exhibition for the first time. I saw many exhibitors setting up their own restaurants and hosting the audience for free. It was incredible. Now they are tightening their money, and the ranking is much simpler than the previous ones.
However, human beings must always make progress, and the economic crisis will always go out of the bottom, but social development is inseparable from manufacturing, and the working machine is the necessary technological equipment. Therefore, many people who are committed to the development of the machine tool industry, they are not discouraged in adversity, but struggled hard, their efforts constitute a beautiful landscape of the EMO exhibition.
What do you want to see at EMO? What the author is looking for is technological innovation. Due to the unremitting efforts of many manufacturers and insisting on research and development, there are indeed many highlights worthy of introduction.
Germany's DMG's booth has about 1,500 square meters, ranking first in the exhibition, and their booths have always been very lively. More than 30 high-tech machine tools attract the attention of the audience and customers, including seven models that debuted in the world. The ergonomic design of DMG machine tools has been experienced in Beijing CIMT2009. This time, they have new developments in laser applications and industrial robot applications, so the sales performance of the exhibition reached 52 million euros. Industrial robots equipped with the new ULTRASONIC 10 ultrasonic vibration machining center can process the processed parts in an orderly manner into the cylindrical storage rack. Since the company spares no time to spend 500 million euros to develop new products, new products such as cars and milling are always emerging.
Mr. Michael Bisser, President of Sales, Hermé, Germany, and the reporter talked a lot about the design concept of the 5-axis machining center. Hammer's annual development investment accounts for 16% of sales.
He said that the current cradle-type structural machining center has become the mainstream structural design of small and medium-sized five-axis machine tools worldwide. With the improvement and maturity of technology research and development, the processing range and processing capacity of cradle machine tools have been greatly improved. Hammer's cradle machine tools can process workpieces up to 2t in diameter and up to 1.3m in diameter, maximizing the use of strokes. space. In addition, he emphasized that the geometric accuracy of the machine tool is an important core issue. Under normal circumstances, customers pay more attention to the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the machine tool, but often overlook the machine structure design and geometric accuracy. By default, structural design is the core of the machine tool, and the machine tool structure and machine tool geometry accuracy determine the core quality of the machine tool. Because Hammer has made great efforts in the development of C series machine tools from theory to practice, the geometric accuracy of the machine tool is very high. Because the structure of the machine tool is stable, the positioning accuracy and repeatability can be maintained at the micron level. The measured value of the machine positioning accuracy can be maintained below 3μm (tested according to the VDI/DGQ 3441 standard), which is comparable to the coordinate boring machine.
Large machine tools are good at Italian machine tools. The large and super-large machine tools at this EMO show are commonplace. Italian companies such as JOBS, PAMA, INNSE, MACOF and FPT have shown their latest achievements, while the Czech TOS and Spain's SORALUCE They also showed their own large-scale equipment, and these giants are one of the focuses of the Chinese machine tool purchasing group.
Composite machining is a major development trend of today's machine tools. Japan's MAZAK and Germany's EMAG have launched new products at the show. The BOMUTEC and Willemin-Macodel in Switzerland, which are specialized in the machining of small hexahedral parts, have some improvements in the exhibition. Their machine tools have been successful in the medical field, such as processing orthopedic implants and teeth. Section parts, etc.
The CNC system is of course another focus of the machine tool exhibition, and there are new products for FANUC and HEIDENHAIN. The SINUMERIK 828D from Siemens is a new generation of compact CNC systems that combine smart construction, superior performance and simple operation. The CNC, PLC operator interface and axis control functions are integrated into the sophisticated control panel. At the same time, it has powerful numerical control functions such as coordinate conversion and tool management, which can fully satisfy the application of various complex car and milling machine tools. With support for a variety of graphics programming, high-level language instructions and ISO programming language, it can be used freely in a variety of processing applications around the world.
Although there was no such name in the exhibition, the machine tool accessories from the milling head, the tool magazine, the turntable to the rolling guide, the sheet metal cover, etc. are still full of everything, and actively support the OEM, especially in China. Taiwan's machine tool counterparts, they have occupied half of the world market in terms of providing machine tool accessories.
The long fog is difficult to last, and the sun is always after the storm. Judging from the long history, the economic depression will be followed by a wave of development. Whoever can seize the opportunity is the strong. I think that the 2011 EMO exhibition in Hanover will definitely dispel the haze and usher in a splendid sunny day.


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