Litchi "Xiaohan" before and after the application of flower fertilizer

On litchi in phenology, the general in November to next January buds, this time on the need to promote litchi fertilizers proceed. It is mainly to enhance the nutrition of the tree before flowering, promote the differentiation of flower buds, form strong flower spikes, and improve fruit setting. The fertilization period of flower-promoting fertilizer is generally 10-20 days before flower bud differentiation .

Dongguan County, Guangdong "Nuomici" lychee in between December 15 to January 5 Date of flower buds. Thus, spikelet promotion should be applied during the November 25 to December 25 date; Fuzhou "champion Red" lychee October 11 to November 20 flower buds began to differentiate, to be in spikelet promotion October 22 It was applied on November 10 ; the " Lanzhu " lychee in Luzhou City was the flower bud differentiation time from mid- October to mid- February . Difficult to grasp in a variety of different areas and different flower bud differentiation period, it is generally precocious species should be around early January Osamu, late-maturing species should be around late January Big Chill PROMOTER fertilizers. Type of fertilizer and fertilizer available slow-acting fertilizer, farm manure and chemical cooperate typically human waste composting facilities per 50 to 100 kg of nitrogen fertilizer application with 0.25-0.5 kg.

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