The possibility of finding diamond primary mines in Hunan Province is further increased

The newspaper December 18 (Reporter Yi Bowen correspondent Lei Longlong Liu Lizhi) After four years of diamond prospecting work shows that the possibility of finding diamond primary mines in our province is further increased. This is the information obtained by the reporter from the “Yangzi Platform Diamond Prospecting Workshop” organized by the China Geological Survey Bureau and the Provincial Geological Survey Bureau.

Diamond is a rare and special non-metal in the country. It is mainly used in the industrial field and is of high value. China is a big diamond consumer and has long relied on imports. Our province is blessed with natural conditions. In 1958, the geological survey team discovered 614,000 carats of diamond reserves in Changde County and Taoyuan County of our province, filling the blank of China's diamond reserves. In 1959, the state built China's first diamond mine, the 601 mine. In 1964, the province found two sand mine bases in Fuling Yaotou and Fuyang Anjiang area. Up to now, the four sand mines in the mainstream of Lishui have a total of 743,000 carats of proven diamond reserves, which has achieved remarkable results. But the diamond primary mine has not been found.

In 2005, the China Geological Survey established the province's diamond prospecting as a new prospecting target area, and a new round of diamond prospecting work in our province was initiated. In the four years since the start of the project, the China Geodetic Survey Bureau, with the support of the provincial land and geological prospecting department, organized the 413 team of the diamond professional prospecting unit of the Hunan Geological Survey Bureau to make full use of the development of secondary geological data to carry out field search in more than 20 counties in northwestern Hunan. Mine work, census 66 primary mining areas, 139 sand ore beneficiation points, an area of ​​96,721 square kilometers. Two marble-type diamonds and 2,880 magnesia-alumina were found in Wangcheng County and Jingzhou, respectively. Hundreds of rock-related basic and ultra-basic intrusive rocks were found. After comprehensive analysis and research, the Taoyuan was completely delineated. - Shimen, Hongjiang-Zhangpu, Fenghuang-Yujiang, Huitong-Jingzhou, Ningxiang-Taojiang and other five diamond prospecting areas and 22 key prospecting targets.

In the next step, the geologists will further innovate their ideas. Based on the previous heavy sand and geological observation methods, the factor analysis method is used to find ore by means of geophysical and chemical exploration, remote sensing technology and direct analysis of drilling, well exploration and trough exploration. At present, experts have identified the potassium-magnesium lamprophyre diamond primary ore-Yinshan-Yanshan diamond primary ore as the main ore body and main direction of diamond prospecting.


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