New Antireflective Coating Improves Solar Cell Conversion Efficiency

For solar cell research, it is very important to increase the light conversion efficiency by one percentage point. At present, the anti-reflection performance of solar panels is likely to be reduced due to some dirt on the surface, which affects the efficiency of the battery. According to the latest press release issued by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, researchers at the university have recently developed a new anti-reflective coating with a self-cleaning function that can quickly decompose and adhere to dirt on the surface under sunlight. This coating is not only Can make the building windows self-cleaning, but also enhance solar cell efficiency.

The design concept of the researchers stems from the structure of the moth's eyes. The moth's cornea is very special. There are many tiny bumps. The gap between the bumps is very small, arranged in a hexagonal array. This structure allows the moth's eyes to absorb light of different wavelengths and angles. Strong anti-reflection effect. Many antireflective coatings are currently developed to simulate the moth-eye structure. Unlike other coatings, researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed larger holes in new coatings that contain titanium dioxide nanocrystals. These nanocrystals have photocatalytic properties. When exposed to sunlight, they break down the pores that block these pores into carbon dioxide and evaporable water, thereby achieving a self-cleaning effect.

Test results show that most of the hydrocarbons that block the pores of antireflection coatings can be decomposed by such nanoparticles. For example, the fingerprint grease attached to the coating can be completely decomposed within 90 minutes.

The press release stated that researchers are currently studying how to use this new material for architectural glass and solar cells. They pointed out that this is the first time that they have effectively incorporated nanoparticles into anti-reflective coatings, making it possible to develop self-cleaning anti-reflective plastics or anti-reflection glasses. Due to the need for ultraviolet catalysis, this new material can only be used outdoors, and if this material is suitable for indoor light, it will have a broader application prospects, but it needs more research.

Relying on the power of nanotechnology and bionics, British scientists are expected to solve problems for multiple industries. Taking photovoltaics as an example, people's attention has always been focused on the level of photoelectric conversion efficiency. In fact, with the continuous expansion of commercial applications, the need for after-sales services such as dust removal and descaling is becoming a new challenge for the industry. Under this background, once the new coating is widely used, it can not only greatly improve the conversion efficiency and service life of solar cells, but also can reduce the cost of maintenance and improve the acceptance of the industry. As for the construction industry, there is no need to say more - "cleanse yourself" glass and high commission commissioned spiders. Do you think that the owners of high-rise buildings will pay more attention to whom?

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