Copper gold powder use range and characteristics

Yu Mingjie Technology - copper powder, luminous powder, pearl powder, glitter powder, reflective powder, aluminum silver paste, silver powder and other copper powder (also known as gold powder) is made of copper-zinc alloy, after special machining and surface chemistry The treatment produces a metallic pigment having a scaly structure, capable of floating in a binder, exhibiting a golden luster, and having pigment properties.

Copper powder is a floating flake pigment that is ball milled and graded to the required specifications by a certain proportion of copper, zinc and aluminum alloy. The copper, gold and pink colors produced by Zhuang Cai are: red gold, green gold, green gold, bronze gold and other colors.

The thicker the copper gold powder, the stronger the metal feel, the more flicker, the better the brightness; the thinner the metal, the weaker the metal, the softer the color and the better the hiding power.

Copper powder is a floating pigment that can be classified into green gold, red gold, gold, copper, bronze, etc. depending on the hue. Complete specifications, bright color, strong metal.

Copper powder and its finished products must be stored at room temperature and in a dry environment; unused copper powder must be sealed immediately. Otherwise, copper gold powder will oxidize and deteriorate when exposed to air for a long time.

Copper powder is widely used in paints, coatings, inks, plastics, printing, silicone, printing, leather, toys, handicrafts, Christmas gifts, etc., and we always remember the speed of the mixer when using the product. It should not be too fast, it must destroy the metal sheet and affect the quality of the product.

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