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Bearing steel metallurgy skills

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-03-29

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High carbon chromium bearing steel (GCr15) has been used in Germany since 1905 for rolling bearings; it has been widely used in the bearing industry of international countries for only 15 years; it has been the largest bearing steel in the international bearing industry. The metallurgical quality is In the past 30 years, it has made great progress; the first table is now the development of refining skills and vacuum degassing skills; the purity of bearing steel has been greatly improved; the life of bearings has also increased significantly.
1. The vacuum degassing skills of vacuum degassed steel bearing steels were applied in the 1960s and 1970s. The common vacuum treatment skills outside the furnace are as follows: vacuum circulation degassing (RH method), vacuum promotion degassing method (DH method), ASEA-SKF ladle scouring method, vacuum arc heating furnace vacuum treatment method (VAD method) and SKF-MR method.
2. Electroslag steel and double vacuum steel require extremely high rolling bearings; important rolling bearings such as aerospace generators and high-speed trains; electroslag steel or double vacuum steel is generally used.
(1) Electroslag steel (ESR) The bearing steel produced by electroslag remelting (ESR) is referred to as electroslag steel. It is prepared by electric furnace bearing steel (or degassing bearing steel) as a steel rod as an electrode; In the slag washing tank, the arc is ablated and refined from the head; and it is crystallized into ingots from the head area; the feature is that the inclusion content is further reduced; the coarse inclusions are eliminated and the inclusions are greatly improved. The density of the steel is high; the arrangement is relatively uniform.
(2) Double vacuum steel (VIM+VAR) The molten steel of the bearing steel is smelted and cast into a bearing steel rod as an electrode cathode by a vacuum induction (VIM) furnace; then the electrode is melted from the head in a vacuum consumable furnace; Complete the regional melting and crystallize into the ingot from the beginning; the so-called vacuum consumable arc remelting (VAR) method. The bearing steel produced by this method is commonly called double vacuum steel. It is characterized by extremely high degree of purity; segregation is very good. Can also use the repeated vacuum self-consumption exercise to produce ultra-pure bearing steel.

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