Terminator "Mega-Foam" in English Design Mist

Terminator "Mega-Foam" in English Design Mist

Built a botanical garden inside the bubble park, it can produce fresh air and regulate temperature and humidity throughout the year

Orproject, London, UK, has recently designed a foam park that can be used to manage air pollution that affects people’s lives

According to the British Daily Post, at present, Asia is committed to the treatment of increasingly serious environmental pollution. A British company has proposed an innovative design that can effectively solve the life threat that haze brings to people.

Orproject Design, London, United Kingdom, plans to build a "huge bubble" that can enclose the park. At the same time, the school playground can also be wrapped in this small, clean air system.

This park contains a large botanical garden, completely isolated from the outside environment, providing perfect clean air. Orproject pointed out that the huge bubble structure resembles the plot design in a science fiction movie. In the park, it is possible to control the temperature and humidity throughout the year and keep the park fresh.

Buildings around the "Foam Park" can be connected to air control systems to provide fresh air for apartments, offices, and retail malls, while also providing special air for sports fields or medical institutions.

To build this unique structure, Orproject manufactures a special material that mimics the texture of leaves or butterfly wings. The current in the foam park is generated by solar cells synthesized on the surface of the park's canopy. At the same time, the air heating and cooling are realized through the ground heat exchange system.

The company pointed out that the key to this project is that the botanical gardens can relieve residents' air pollution threats. It is reported that many cities throughout the country have built botanical gardens and accordingly promoted the development of local tourism and entertainment industries.

Children and adults can experience nature and learn all kinds of botanical knowledge in the park. The bubble park can be built in any part of the world. In the greenhouse, the temperature and humidity can be controlled throughout the year, allowing the plant to adapt to any climate. Plants and landforms around the world can be placed in a bubble park.

This roof system can be used to wrap a city botanical garden, but the system can also add other applications in various proportions. Orporoject stated that the construction of a foam park is inexpensive and can be used to wrap a playground or campus, form an atrium in an office building or shopping mall, or cover the garden of an apartment building.

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