Experimentalist wears steel plate shoes to detect tires

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The “Consumer Protection Day” is on the verge of March 15 of each year. At this time, various types of media exposure to unscrupulous merchants often make consumers feel happy. In fact, every day outside of March 15, there are a large number of inspectors who help us test their performance against various kinds of commodities in the citizens' lives. Recently, the reporter once again entered the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection, where dozens of large and small laboratories test the quality of different products every day to ensure the safety of everyone's consumption. The Morning Post has launched a series of reports on the Secret Lab series from today onwards, taking you to look at the stories behind the merchandise.

Core tips

Thousands of miles begins with a single step. For cars, the tires are equivalent to our shoes. If the “shoes” are uncomfortable or even have problems, the car will be difficult to move. According to statistics, the number of private cars in the island city exceeded one million, and tires are also getting more frequent. "Shoes" are not compatible, and resistance is not only a knowledge, the reporter recently came to the National Tire and Rubber Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, visited the tire testing process.

Load-bearing operation for 47 hours

The test work area for testing tires is the only place in the city's quality inspection institute that does not stop work for 24 hours. More than 20 laboratory technicians fell in three shifts, accompanied by roaring experimental equipment to measure the tire quality. "The tire durability test is to be carried out at high speed for 47 hours under load-bearing conditions to imitate the tire's running status on the road surface." Hao Yongliang, deputy director of the rubber tire department of the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute, said that in this laboratory, it has always been 24 Hours were tested.

The reporter saw that there were rows of tires in the experimental area, as well as more than 300 specifications of experimental wheels, large and small, and the experimenters were doing tire testing. As the first quality inspection center of the national quality supervision system, the inspection center must test at least 2000 batches of tires each year. Only qualified tire inspection reports can be used to obtain the 3C certificate.

Wear protective work with a steel plate

The entire experimental area was filled with strong rubber smells and there was a huge mechanical roar. The reporter felt a bit uncomfortable when he spent a while, and the experimenters who worked here all year were accustomed to the working environment here. Lu Gong, who works on the operator's desk, told reporters that tires are prone to danger during the experiment. For example, valve cores are ejected by high pressure and the tires burst and wounded. He showed reporters their two amulets: earplugs and big scalp shoes. "We wear earplugs every day during work. After tires are installed on hubs, they can be as low as 30 to 40 pounds and heavy 400 kilograms. They must be carried every day. It is only safe to wear protective shoes with steel plates," said Lu Gong.

“When we inflate tires, we must be careful about the valve cores. These valve cores are like bullets. If they are installed at wrong angles, they will be air-lifted out.” Lu Gong introduced, now when inflating some large-sized truck tires, simply put the tires. Installed in an iron cage, this can prevent large pieces of rubber from being hurt to everyone during the puncture, but it still cannot prevent the damage caused by air waves.


Pick up tires to master these tips

What are the tips for choosing a tire? Yesterday, the reporter asked the experts from the inspection center to give us support.

First, check the appearance, the appearance of a good tire is smooth, and the appearance of the carcass is generally more uniform. The appearance of poor-quality tires is rough and dull, and the tire cords are sparsely distributed, and there are serious thin seams.

Secondly, check if there are specifications such as the model, trademark, factory name, and address of the manufacturer, see if the tires have the CCC logo, pass the compulsory certification, and not allow sales, and the quality of the product is not guaranteed.

Third, it is recommended that consumers try their best to go to large dealers when purchasing, buy large tire brands, and have high-quality quality assurance.

In addition, the tire will usually be marked with a TWI or Δ underneath the groove at the shoulder (transition zone of the sidewall and crown), and there will be a small raised adhesive in the groove of the corresponding position. This is the tire's Wear sign. When the tire tread wears it, it should be stopped to avoid excessive wear caused by accidents.


If you have "material" please tell us

Each year, the “15” media will expose some unscrupulous merchants that infringe on the rights and interests of consumers. However, there are still a number of “hidden rules” that set up numerous entries for businesses that infringe on the rights and interests of consumers... no matter if you have experienced unfair consumption, Or you are an insider inside an industry. From today, you can send a text message to the mobile number 13061203067 to provide clues and tell about consumer experience. We will make more consumption areas through journalistic investigations and linkages with law enforcement agencies. The unspoken rules and the dark side of the industry are hidden and punished, and they contribute to a healthier consumer environment. At the same time, the Morning Post will also extract some enthusiastic readers from the number of text messages sent, and visit the laboratory of the city quality inspection institute in mid-March.


After "hardships" can be "exit customs"

In the inspection process, the tires are subjected to various tests, including forced inspections of five tests of size, strength, durability, high speed, and detachment. Other lifting tests include rigid tests, conductivity tests, etc. Tire wear test under various road conditions.

Keywords: High-speed durability

Set up three "gates" to prevent accidents

In a rectangular, thermostatic room in the laboratory, there is a machine surrounded by iron cages. Hao Yongliang said that this is a tire high-speed durability testing machine, is designed to test the high-speed tire performance and durability. There are nine such machines in the laboratory. The tires in the test machine are squeezed on a circular drum by a hydraulic device. The steel plate on the drum surface simulates the road surface and is operated 24 hours a day. During the testing process, more than ten temperature probes are used to measure the tire temperature at any time, and air conditioning is used to ensure that the laboratory maintains a constant temperature of 38°C.

The reporter learned that according to the different types of tires, the speed of high-speed, long-lasting experiments is not the same at the same time, and is tens of kilometers slow and is about two to three hundred kilometers. "High-speed running tires will produce high temperatures, tire pressure will continue to increase, in addition to maintaining a constant temperature, we also set up three protective devices." Lu Gong told reporters, the first is the limit switch automatically shut down after the occurrence of dangerous situations The second is to protect the network of tire debris flying out, the third is to strengthen the glass plate. Last week, when a tire was used for high-speed performance testing, it ran at 240 kilometers per hour. It punctured when it was two minutes away from the end of the experiment. As a result, the metal protective nets were all deformed.

In addition to simulating high-speed driving, the tires are also subjected to strength tests. They use a steel-headed head to tie the tires five times repeatedly. The last time the tires are punctured to see if they are resistant to puncture. "This project is to simulate the tires encountered sharp objects in the drive and see if the tires are resistant." The reporter saw that the fifth test made a loud noise, which made the reporter who first saw the experiment startled.

Keywords: aging

After low temperature and ozone baptism

In the environmental laboratory of the inspection center, the reporter saw a lot of interesting detection instruments, many of which are used to simulate various environments and specifically detect rubber products. Hao Yongliang gave reporters a one-by-one introduction, including a high-low temperature box that can simulate -70 °C to 300 °C, used to test the aging of rubber products at different temperatures.

The reporter also saw two different types of ozone aging test boxes worth millions. Hao Yongliang told reporters that the principle of this instrument is to generate ozone through high-voltage discharge. When the concentration is highest, the ozone content can reach 1000 times under normal conditions, and the rubber sample can accelerate aging. After the low temperature, high temperature, but also after the baptism of ozone, the detection of rubber products is far from over, but also to weather resistance detection, use the xenon lamp weatherproof box can imitate the day, can also imitate the night, and the sun and rain, you can pre Judging the anti-aging ability of rubber products under natural conditions.

Keywords: road test

To run 20,000 kilometers a month

The Quality Inspection Center Tire Inspection Center specializes in a number of vehicle testers who specialize in testing the pending tires of the model to be determined. In the experimental area, the reporter saw two cars that were covered with car membranes. The signs on the tires were also covered so densely that they couldn't see what the brand was. The staff said that these tires were not yet available. Products need to be kept confidential.

Sun Qinjun, an engineer with 10 years of experience in road tests, introduced that the tire road test is mainly to cooperate with manufacturers to develop new models. The research and development of automobiles usually has a four-year cycle. Most of them are developed by each component factory and finally assembled by automobile manufacturers. Tyre road test is a very important part of it. Manufacturers usually require the road tester to run 20,000 kilometers in a month.

“The number of kilometers a year to run out of other vehicles is a big challenge for drivers and tires.” Sun Qinjun said that highways, mountains, etc. are all included and run for hundreds of kilometers every day. The ultimate goal is to Tire wear, in order to test whether the tire can withstand the test.

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