Powder Coating Operating Manual

Electrostatic Powder Coating Operating Manual

Substrates for Powder Coating

  • Metal
  • MDF
  • Plastic

Powder Application Equipment

  • Fluidized Bed Application
  • Electrostatic Fluidized Bed
  • Electrostatic Spray Application
  • Application System Automation

1.Pre-treatment Solution.

Before powder spraying, it must be remove oil.rust and any other residues on the work pieces, to get satisfied adhesion.

2.Operating Environment.

Keep the operating equipment and working environment clean to avoid dust drop-in and cause mottles appearance on the film.

3.Generator Adjustment.

Suggest to adjust the voltage of electrostatic generator in the range of 50KV-80KV. The air pressure of powder spray is in the range of 0.5-1.5kg/cm; keep the distance between head of spray gun and work pieces in the range of 150mm-300mm.

4.The Thickness of Film

  • The thickness of film for plain powder coating: 60-90um;
  • The thickness of film for sand grain powder coating: 50-70um;
  • The thickness of film for wrinkle powder coating will be according to the requirement of grain size and strength of stereoscopic effect. Thicker spraying will cause bigger grain and stronger stereoscopic effect;
  • The thickness of film for clear powder coating: 40-60um

5. Curing Condition

The curing time normally is 10-20 minutes in the temperature of 180℃-200℃ (work piece temperature). Less than the standard temperature or curing time will cause bad mechanical performance. Before the work pieces with no gloss or grain type powder coating entry into the oven, please pre-heat the oven and keep in required temperature. The low temperature oven will cause different glossiness and grain size.

6. Performance Promotion

Please separate the powder coating products by different manufactories and types. For getting better performance, suggest to separate different batch of powder coating products to use.

7. Recycled Powder

Recycled powder coating must be screened by 120-140 Meshes before reuse.

8. Notice

Keep well ventilated to reduce the powder pollution; and ensure the operating equipment with earth connection to avoid dangers.

9. Storage

The powder coating product will be stored in well-ventilated place with temperature ≤40℃. Please tight up the bags after use to avoid dust and humidity come in.