Shanghai aluminum has a strong and weak pattern

At present, Shanghai Aluminum's main contract has begun to shift to July. However, today's trading volume has dropped sharply. The total contract turnover was less than 10,000 contracts. The far-month contract has a certain extent of Masukura. The 507 contract opened today at 16740, hitting a high of 16790 and closing at a lower price of 16720 for the whole day. Due to the impact of spot premiums, Shanghai Aluminum also showed a pattern of near strength and weakness. In the past few weeks, the idea that the decline of the dollar is a way to solve the problem of global trade and investment imbalances is no longer the focus of the market. For the United States, the market is now paying more attention to economic growth, solutions with a saving rate as a breakthrough, and interest rates. With the shift of market attention, the March inflation data released this week may continue to be the focus of attention. Not long ago, the Federal Reserve (Fed) has expressed its concern about the inflation situation. The deterioration of the inflation situation will prompt the Fed to accelerate the rate hike, and this move will increase the attractiveness of dollar assets to global investors, which in turn will boost the dollar exchange rate. As a result, the economic data to be announced this week is relatively attractive: If the PPI and CPI prices announced on Tuesday and Wednesday are stronger than expected, it is expected to boost the performance. The exchange rate of the US dollar; the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia will publish the April manufacturing survey report and look for signs of whether the U.S. economic growth is slowing. The reason why the author used this space to explain the next possible trend of the US dollar is precisely because from the historical experience, whenever the US dollar moves sideways for a period of time, a small range of changes in any direction will cause large aluminum prices. If the level of reverse volatility is the same, in the following market, aluminum prices may continue to stage large fluctuations, but whether this wave of the market has been completed last week or that will continue to be performed next, that Still need to be further observed, after all, the current 1850-1920 range appears more solid. Operational recommendations: the early stage of more than a single line can be in the 16800 first-line earnings only leave the wait-and-see.