Shanghai aluminum opens at low level, sideways

Today's Shanghai aluminum stocks and trading interest have seen a double-line decline. Days continue to lighten up to more than 1,000 hands, while the volume is under 10,000 hands. Under the influence of the overnight downturn in aluminum and aluminum prices, the domestic aluminum market opened at a low price today. The main contract, 506, opened at 16760, the daily low price, and the price was pulled to the recent support line above the 16800 level. 16840, to close at 16820. Yesterday’s US trade data released that the situation of high deficits was already expected, but the record deficit situation should have been suppressed by the US dollar club. However, the market did not respond as it did. The US dollar index, on the contrary, touched the bottom after reaching 84. The recent 84-line support has been confirmed. Under the circumstances that the forthcoming net capital inflow forecast is expected to be released on Friday, the US dollar may further increase. This will put pressure on metal prices again. It can also be seen from the trend of the more recent aluminum, 1950, 1975 is to put pressure on prices in turn, I believe that the price will still fluctuate in the late 1920-1975 consolidation, waiting for further stimulation of fundamental factors. In the domestic market, it is obvious that under the premise of strong spot market, the market entering under 16800 is relatively safe, but given that the profitability of the later period is not too wide, and it faces policy risks at any time, it is still recommended that the recent investors take a wait-and-see approach. the Lord.