Experts predict the trend of aluminum futures in Shanghai on the 15th

On April 14, the aluminum exploration of Shanghai Aluminum futures rebounded and fell across the board. Industry analysts believe that Shanghai Aluminum will continue to be dominated by range-bound shocks in the near future. On Thursday, April 14, the Shanghai Futures Exchange's (SHFE) aluminum main 506 contract opened at 16,700 yuan. The price fell back to RMB16,630, down 180 yuan. The spot price of 504 contracts closed at 16,610 yuan, down 180 yuan. Jiang Fu futures analyst Ding Fujie believes that on the 14th, Shanghai Aluminum closed down 130-200 points in a quiet trading. Overnight LME March aluminum fell sharply and continued to fall in off-exchange Asian trading hours, dragging Shanghai aluminum lower and lower, the main contract al506 once fell below the box-shaped bottom support, followed by the capture of the low buying aluminum prices Back in the box-shaped range, the resistance is 16810 yuan and the support is 16560 yuan. Shanghai Jinpeng Futures Analyst Xu Junbin believes that London aluminum prices drastically dived on the 13th. In a chart, two consecutive big Yinxians have a huge impact on the market, and the fund’s profit-taking outcomes are strong, so that aluminum prices in the future will be affordable. Big selling pressure. On the 14th, Shanghai Aluminum did not drastically dive with copper prices. In contrast, bargain-hunting and short-selling positions kept prices from being hit hard. The June contract closed at 16,630 yuan, down 190 yuan. When the overall metal price shows a turning trend, the aluminum price will fall less than the copper price due to the poor overall volatility. At the same time, there are also cost factors. The operation proposal may focus on buying aluminum and throwing copper. Xiao Qiaohua, a GF futures analyst, believes that the heavy sell-off of the overnight fund has caused the basic metal to suffer a severe setback. On the 14th, the Shanghai aluminum contracts opened lower and traded actively. Intraday volatility dragged by copper prices fluctuates. In March, it fell below the support of 16,600 for the first time. However, the price rebounded from a short-term recovery and some consumer buying. In the spot market, the quoted price was affected by the futures price. The current aluminum market in Shanghai was reported at 16,650 yuan per ton, which was more than 100 points lower. The Nanhai market was still relatively tight due to the tight supply, and the price was still firm. The level was only lowered by 50-60 yuan. In 16950--17050 yuan / ton. Although aluminum aluminum fell sharply, but the technical chart point of view, the daily rise of the Japanese and weekly charts remained good, the price in the upper edge of the rising channel 1860 - 1980 US dollars strong support. As the current international fundamental situation has not changed, it is only a short-term callback caused by the selling pressure of the fund. Short-term prices may fall under the pressure of the fund, but the space will not be too high, because the lower price will attract the intervention of consumer buying. The domestic aluminum price is supported by the spot market and high cost, and the downside is also quite limited. It is expected that the aluminum price will continue to be dominated by the oscillation range of 16500-16900 in the near future.