Principle and Features of Hydraulic Water Level Control Valve

Hydraulic level control valve, piston hydraulic level control valve [H142X], is a kind of automatic control of the water tank, the height of the water tower hydraulic control valve. When the water level drops below the preset value, the float valve opens and the pressure in the upper chamber of the piston decreases. The pressure in the upper and lower sides of the piston forms a pressure difference. Under this pressure difference, the valve flap opens for water supply operation. When the water level rises to the preset height, Close, the pressure on the piston chamber continues to increase causing the valve closed to stop water supply. So reciprocating automatic control of the liquid level set height, automatic water supply function. The product is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, civil construction in a variety of tanks (pools), water tower automatic water supply system. And can be used as atmospheric pressure boiler water supply control valve. Working principle When the water level in the pool or water tower drops, when the float valve opens to drain water, there is pressurized water in the water inlet pipe to hold the piston in the valve, the sealing surface is opened, the valve opens the water supply, the float valve is closed when the water level rises to the control valve, Pistons down the sealing surface closed, the valve that is, stop the water supply. Features 1, the use of hydraulic principles of control, the structure of novel and reasonable. 2, the work is stable and reliable. Within the specified pressure range, water hammer impact can be guaranteed. 3, light weight, small size. 4, easy installation and maintenance. Installation form and precautions The valve is fixed vertically on the inlet pipe, and then the control pipe, globe valve and float valve connected to the valve can be screwed on. The valve inlet and outlet pipe connection flange H142X-4T-A 0.6MPa standard flange; H142X-10-A 1MPa standard flange. Intake pipe diameter should be greater than or equal to the nominal valve diameter, the outlet should be lower than the float valve. Float valve installation should be more than one meter away from the water pipe; in the water tank outlet pipe above the water line at a small hole to prevent direct empty backwater. When used, the cut-off valve should be fully open, as the same pool installed more than two valves should maintain the same level. Due to the closure of the main valve to float valve closure lag about 30 ~ 50 seconds, so the tank should have enough spare capacity to prevent overflow. In order to prevent impurities, sand into the valve caused by malfunction, the valve should be installed before the filter. If installed in the underground pool, it should be installed in the underground pump alarm device.

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