Must-read: The selection of switches and outlets in different rooms

Do not know if you don't decorate, there are so many things to choose from when it comes to small switches and sockets. Not to mention that the spread of high-middle and low-end products is so staggering that two or three hundred different styles in one series can make people feel dizzy. Although many people will hand over the trivial switch to the decoration company on behalf of the company, it is best to be aware of the location, style, and brand first, or you will find a problem if it is installed. Trouble.

Switch, socket not selected, the problem is small but quite common

"My home decoration, switch sockets are mostly given by designers, almost he said a few is a few, many still added after the start, anyway, looking at quite a lot, but when it was discovered, there are many places In some places, there are fewer, and the design is not very reasonable."

In order to maintain the overall refreshing feeling, I asked the designer to put the socket of the TV background wall on the ground. However, the number is too small. It is even more chaotic to add a line board to the present.

The bedroom is for sleeping. I do not even need a bedside table. This power supply and network cable outlet is just a decoration.

Listening to a friend said to put a socket with a switch in the kitchen, so almost all of the kitchens use two or three sockets with switches. Now look at products such as refrigerators and range hoods that don’t really need money.

There are two regrets in the bathroom. The socket on the side of the basin does not have a splash cover. The towel must be removed before each use. When the decoration is to save money, no intelligence will be installed, and now the wife wants to install a smart ring to find that even the socket has not been left.

Why does this happen?

1. There is no good division according to the space area;

2, before the decoration, did not sort out their needs, preferences;

3, do not understand the various forms of switches, sockets applicable environment, role.

Match suitable switches and sockets for different areas


Almost every room is indispensable to the switch, generally according to the different positions of the lamp to be determined, choose a joint, double, triple and other different forms of control switches. For example, there are ceiling lights, spotlights, and light strips in the living room, which require multiple switch controls; the bedroom is best equipped with dual control switches so that there is no need to get out of bed switch lights; if necessary, a luminous switch is installed on the walkway to wake up at night. Don't walk in darkness and bump.

Now commonly used large rocker switches, almost everyone can see.

Traditional point switches are cheap, but they don't feel good when they are switched.
It is not convenient to use rocker products and it is rarely used at home.

Knob-type switches are used on the bedside to adjust the brightness of the wall,
It is not for every family. If it is an energy-saving lamp, it cannot be used.


There are many kinds of sockets, and it's very difficult to explain in detail. Here to talk about most of the family's socket arrangement method, relatively speaking, is still more reasonable. According to it, you can roughly figure out how many sockets your home uses, instead of the decoration company saying a few are several. Of course, when matching, you can also make appropriate adjustments according to your own home use habits, so that it is more convenient to use.

Kitchen room - look at the setting style

There are many things in the kitchen for electricity use, so be sure to have a good idea before decorating. Different electrical appliances use different sockets. Some commonly used large-scale electrical appliances, do not have to pull the plug regularly, with a single-use three-level socket on the line. The electric rice cookers, microwave ovens and other commonly used devices that need to pull plugs are more suitable with switches.

Applicable socket: 5-6 three-level socket (smoke hood, dishwasher, water purifier/water dispenser,
Ovens, refrigerators, etc.), 2 2 or 3 level sockets (small appliances occasionally used in juicers, hot water mugs, etc.),
2-3 switch sockets (electric cookers, Bosch ovens, egg cookers, etc.)

With switch socket (10A, 16A two), two or three socket

Toilet - with splash-proof cover

The moisture in the bathroom is large, and it is better not to unplug the plugs of large electrical appliances and choose outlets with switches. Also need to set some convenient electric shaver, hair dryer use socket in the basin cabinet side. If it is easy to splash water, use a product with a splash-proof cover. The toilet seat is also properly left a two or three sockets to facilitate mobile phone charging or install smart devices.

Applicable sockets: 1-2 splash sockets (beside the bathroom cabinet and toilet), 1-2 switch sockets (electric water heaters, washing machines), reserved 1-2 second-level sockets (bathroom cabinets, seats) Next to the toilet)

With cover socket

Telephone line socket

Some people are accustomed to putting telephone line sockets in the bathroom too. If the humidity is high, it sometimes affects the phone.

Living room - targeted "one to one" choice

The outlets in the living room are highly targeted and need to be well thought out beforehand. If there are sound, bar, etc. design, must be arranged in advance socket. Since guests are often entertained here, it is better to place the socket in a convenient and relatively concealed place at the time of design, so as not to damage the overall appearance.

Applicable socket: 6 secondary sockets, 23 sockets (sofa edge, TV background wall, etc.),
1 telephone socket, 2-3 network cable sockets, 1 cable TV socket, 1 air conditioner socket

Two-level socket, three-level socket

Bedroom - understand the demand before deciding

The arrangement of outlets in this private area is mainly based on your lifestyle. You don't need to set up telephones, desk lamps, and network cables on the bedside. You can see your preferences. If you have special needs, you must greet the designer in advance, otherwise it is easy to have problems with Mr. Huang’s family.

Applicable sockets: 5 two or three sockets (on both sides of the bed, below the dressing table, behind the TV cabinet, etc.)
1 telephone socket, 1 network cable socket, 1 cable TV socket, 1 air conditioner socket

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