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In recent years, the development of seats in China is just like the buildings. With each passing day, appearances have become more and more rampant, with more and more functions, and the washing effect is getting better and better. Many years ago, the seats were mainly red, cyan and bone. Now the seats are basically white and dominate the world. The maximum temperature of the kiln is 1280°C. Many of the previous kiln firings were more than 900 degrees, so cracks and giddy winds are very easy to occur. Porcelain burned at 1280°C, if it is genuine, will not be a problem for a hundred years. If it is a defective product, if it takes more than half a year, the glazed yellow will appear black, falling, and cracking. Now the firing kiln is basically a shuttle kiln and a push-plate kiln. The kiln of both structures is relatively mature, and the quality of the burned out seats is relatively high. Both kiln can burn to 1280°C. This temperature is the most suitable temperature. If the temperature is higher, the porcelain mud will regenerate physically and chemically, and the burnt out seat is not as good as 1280°C. This is just like the cooking in our home cooking. The fire is suitable. The food and food that is cooked out is soft and delicious. The temperature is too high and the food will be burnt! The same is true of the seat, too high temperature will burn too hard, huh, huh. As long as the porcelain clay is cooked and the chemical properties and physical properties of the inner and outer porcelain clay are the same, it will prevent convulsions and cracks during the use of the stool. The bright glazed seats are shiny, very slippery, and can be felt by hand touch. The seats will be heavy. The porcelain density is higher than that of teaching. The water absorption rate is low. Tap with your fingers. ! Do you understand TX? Is not to see reeling, the following point is simple and practical.

One trick: the seat must be clear before buying, the structure of the water pipe at home, to find out whether the water pipe is PVC pipe or cast iron pipe, with no return to the Bay, PVC pipe and cast iron pipe this better distinguish, one can It can be seen that the white plastic is a PVC pipe, a little rust is a cast iron pipe; the pipe is not brought back to the bay, specifically scored in two cases, the first pipe exposed, take a look at the structure of the pipe can be clearly shown in Figure 1 . The second type of pipe is sealed in the cement, and only try to pick it up. Without an elbow, the wire can be raked in a lot. There are bends, and a certain length of wire will be blocked. The siphon is generally used without returning to the bay, otherwise it is easy to return to taste! ! Now the new buildings are basically PVC pipes.

Trick 2 : How to measure the pit distance, after clarifying the structure of the sewer, the next step is to calculate the pit volume of the toilet. The toilet seat is generally divided into two rows of horizontal and vertical rows. The horizontal row can only be fitted with straight flush seats, and the floor row can be straight punched or siphoned, depending on the pipe structure. The horizontal distance is generally 180mm, and the distance from the ground is slightly more complicated. There are various types such as 200mm, 305mm, 400mm, and 580mm. The measurement is very simple. The distance from the middle of the drain pipe to the wall is the pit distance. The measurement method for the horizontal row is the same. The students should consider the thickness of the tiling during the measurement. The manufacturer's bench mark 400mm pit distance is basically a distance of 380mm, and the factory reserves 20mm for the tiling thickness. If you measure the distance from your home toilet pit is 370mm, do not worry, the diameter of the water pipe is generally 110mm, Franc outlet diameter is 70mm, the middle 40mm can be adjusted, can be installed, do not worry too much! After finishing the pit distance, we must start the seat selection.

Trick 3: How to distinguish between Siamese and Split? The seat will be divided into two types: split and conjoined, depending on the connection of the tank and the seat. The left side of the body, in the water tank and sit the head of the connection seam; right side of the Siamese, there is no connection seam, is not much better, huh, huh. The previous kiln was relatively small. The split volume was less than half the volume of the Siamese and it was relatively easy to produce. Therefore, the majority of the splits were made. Now that the production technology has progressed, the volume of the kiln is more than a dozen times larger than before. The body has done more, and the main body is mainly export. The best way to live in your own home is to use Siamese. Don't look at the splits so much as a small seam. In places with high humidity in the bathroom, the bacteria multiply quickly, and the number of bacteria may exceed our Chinese number. If you are interested, you can look at it with a microscope. For your family and your health, choose Siamese and disinfect regularly.

Trick 4: How to distinguish between siphon and flush, what is siphon? Siphon is relying on atmospheric pressure, so that the liquid from the higher place through the siphon tube, first up and then down to the lower place of the phenomenon; straight flush is the use of water gravity into water impulse, directly out of the dirt, as shown 4 shows. Now the seats are basically siphons, and there are few straight-forward styles. Siphons can suck floating dirt out of them and go straight to it. If you float on something, you can only flush it more often. Wash it down. When you meet the windy weather, the wind rises from the top floor and rises through the pipes. The water comes out from the outlet at the bottom of the water seal. The flushed water seal is lower than the siphon and the pressure of the water seal is relatively low, so it is prone to bubbling. Siphon will not! As shown in Figure 5. Straight into the pipe diameter is relatively large, generally more than 7cm, siphon pipe diameter national standards require more than 4.1cm, you TX Please note that the outside diameter of the toilet pipe is generally more than 8cm. The diameter of the water outlet is generally larger than the inner diameter of the pipe. The size of the water outlet is not necessarily related to the pipe size. Therefore, the size of the pipe cannot be judged according to the inner diameter of the water outlet and the outer diameter of the pipe. Everybody can bring a golf ball or ping-pong. The ball performs a simple test on the inner diameter of the pipe. Put the ball inside the pipe and flip it forwards and backwards to see if the ball can roll out. If the ball does not come out and is stuck inside, it is very likely that the pipe diameter is too small, and it is easy to block later. If the diameter of the inside of the pipe is more than 4.1cm, it can meet the needs of the average family. The toilet paper can be washed away. Don't throw newspapers, sanitary napkins, or paper diapers. It's very easy to throw it in! In general, if the house is in the 90s, the pipeline is basically cast iron and it has a water return trap. Choose straight punching, because the cast iron pipe diameter is only 10CM, coupled with long-term hanging dirty, rust, the actual pipe is not so big. The siphon seat is sucked by the duct in the straight-through condition, while the straight punch seat is by the impulse of water. So choose to go straight! If there is a habit of pouring water or throwing toilet paper in the living room, then choose to go straight. Generally, the inner diameter of the straight seat will be 2cm larger than that of the siphon, and a small amount of water will be poured into the straight seat. When there is a lot of water, the water level will not change, and the siphon will not work. Siphon seat is more suitable for new houses, because now the pipeline is PVC, and it does not have a return trap, siphon flush sound is relatively small, and now people like to mute, so that at night the toilet will not affect the family This is more intimate. Moreover, siphon stool style is more straightforward than straight, and it is better than straight flush.

Trick five: Siphon points four, the following talk about the classification of siphon, siphon flushing effect is better than straight flush, high water seal, odor effect is good, so the market has been vigorously promoted. Rainbow bursts are divided into four types as shown in Fig. 6. Falling siphons are the most basic siphons. Other siphons evolved from this form. This siphon does not have auxiliary jet punching. The siphon water level is higher than the jet siphon. To reach the position above the blue line in the figure, siphoning can occur. The flushing volume is also a little more than the jet siphon. This style has an advantage, because there is no auxiliary punching, the adsorption of dirt on the ceramic wall is equal to zero, much better than the other three methods; although many ceramics are now high temperature porcelain, water absorption is very low, but always It will absorb water and dirt will be sucked into the inner wall of the ceramic through the auxiliary punching hole. There will certainly be many bacteria over the years. Use jetting, vortexing, and double flushing for toilet seats. Always disinfect oh, for your health, it is best to use it for several years. Change the seat, and then there will be a new fashion seat that will be used. How happy! Ha ha!

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