Why does laminate flooring have gaps?

The floor gap is too large because the floor shrinks and swells. Analysis from the aspect of quality is caused by improper control of the product's own moisture content. In addition, the unevenness of the ground, the bad combination of the buckles, the uneven sizing, and the like also easily cause such problems.

Slot type

Common slits generally have the following situations: There are triangular slits at the end of the floor, triangles at the ends and sides, or gaps at the sides, and irregular distribution in the room.


One-sided expansion due to breathability at damp-proof membrane joints

When the laminate flooring is installed, the joint of the moisture-proof film is not tightly adhered with waterproof tape. One side of the floor is above the damp-proof film and one side is connected with the damp-proof film. Since the joints of the moisture-proof film are not tightly adhered with the waterproof tape, the moisture intrusion causes one side of the floor to become longer, and the lengths of the two long sides of the floor are not equal, so that the end of the floor produces a triangular seam. The characteristics of this situation are:

a) After the floor is installed, there is no seam, and it will happen after a period of use.

b) The water content on both sides of the floor strip is inconsistent, generally differing by more than 2%

c) After the floor is opened, it can be seen that the moisture-proof membrane is not stuck with waterproof tape.

This kind of problem occupies a considerable proportion in the floor triangle gap complaints. The moisture-proof membrane must be made of waterproof tape to ensure airtightness and avoid problems.

Installation quality problems

Floor installation, due to uneven installation force, resulting in the floor to produce a triangular gap, this type of problem is characterized by:

a) After the floor is installed, there is a seam

b) There is a gap on the floor side

c) After the floor is opened, the moisture-proof film has been glued with waterproof tape

d) After the floor is stretched, the gap between the triangle gap and the side edge can be eliminated

e) The ground is uneven, and it is stepped on the floor with the foot. The floor vibrates up and down, feeling very uncomfortable, accompanied by loud noises.

When the room is unoccupied for a long period of time, if the humidity in the room is not adjusted in time, the floor contraction may cause a crack or arching.

Flooring room

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