Heavenly heat must wear protective equipment correctly

Editor comrades:

Recently, at the scene of an enterprise, the author saw several stewards carrying sulphur. They did not wear protective equipment as required, and some were light-armed bags, some had their masks hung around their necks, and some had thrown gas masks on them. On the ground, their work environment is filled with a lot of dust, and the smell is pungent. The author advised them to properly wear protective equipment and protect themselves. They said: "It's too much trouble to dress and work properly on hot days."

Doesn’t hot weather wear protective equipment correctly? Labor protection supplies are necessary equipment for protecting workers' personal safety and health in the production process. Correct wear plays an important role in reducing occupational hazards and is not at all sloppy. The petroleum and petrochemical industry is characterized by high temperature and flammability and explosiveness. The workplace generally has high-speed machinery and equipment. Wearing protective equipment or working clothes is not standardized. It may cause clothing or hair to be stirred into the machine, resulting in crushing and bruising. Personal injury such as burns, and workers may also cause occupational diseases due to inhalation of dust. The author believes that companies should focus on three areas of work.

First of all, employees should raise awareness of labor insurance products and enhance self-protection awareness. Not because of the hot weather, the correct wear of labor insurance products as a company's "mandatory requirements", and even as a burden.

Second, the enterprise must not allow employees to wear the work clothes, hats, and masks improperly worn, or close their eyes with one eye. We must strictly implement the system and adopt some targeted measures, such as adding air conditioners, fans, and preparing windproof oils, mung bean soups and other cooling and cooling foods and foods for employees, so as to create a good working environment for employees.

Finally, the company's safety supervision personnel should increase publicity, education, and inspection efforts to guide employees from "protect me" to "I want protection" and "I want safety" to "I want safety", especially strengthening high-temperature and high-risk posts. The inspection and supervision of personnel labor insurance products at key locations was conducted to prevent the occurrence of summer burns, burns and heat-stroke accidents.

Reader: Wang Qiu Wang Xiuzhen

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