Winter warm three-layer parquet

Since the winter, strong cold air has hit many times. The capital has welcomed two large-scale snowfalls. People have entered the heating season in advance. In the home life, the good insulation performance of the three-layer solid wood floor adds a little joy to the cold winter days, and let people fully enjoy the natural and noble wooden floor.

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In recent years, geothermal heating has gradually emerged in China. Three-layer solid wood composite flooring has won the favor of geothermal heating users with numerous advantages. Geothermal heating is low-temperature floor radiation heating, which requires that the floor that closely touches the ground should have dimensional stability, durability of use, and geothermal adaptability. This is the advantage of three-layer parquet, and the floor itself has good The insulation performance can adjust the indoor temperature very well.

The three-layer solid wood composite floor is made up of three layers of wood, including panels, core boards and back boards. It can release the stress between the wood and prevent the floor from deforming. Its stability has long been known to the industry and consumers. The scientific application of high quality wood such as beech wood, maple wood and manchurian ash will further improve the wear resistance and durability of the floor. The thickness of the three-layer parquet is generally between 12 and 15mm. This thickness will not affect the heat conduction, but it can also ensure a good insulation effect. It can add more warmth to home life in the winter.

For the comfortable environment created by three-layer engineered wood flooring for home living, the sound insulation, sound absorption and insulation properties of the floor itself are also very popular among consumers. Practical experience shows that soft wood is the best sound insulation and sound-absorbing material. The three-layer solid wood composite floor adopts a lot of soft wood, such as poplar, pine, etc., which can play a good role in noise reduction, while the foot feels comfortable soft. Imagine being able to enjoy a cup of tea under the foil of the natural texture of the wooden floor in the winter. The warmth and comfort of the home is a great enjoyment.

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