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People have always felt that this is a change in the price and style of sanitary ware from the past old toilets to the current jet siphon water-saving toilets. Therefore, some consumers regard the style, appearance, and price as the main factors in selecting a sanitary ware. This undoubtedly ignores the use of sanitary ware. In this regard, as consumers should focus on understanding the characteristics of high-end sanitary ware should have, that is: complete drainage, erosion area, low noise, water, good surface, low water absorption. Therefore, it is recommended that when selecting the sanitary ware, the functional characteristics of the product should be placed first, rather than the small spots on the invisible side that do not affect the normal use.

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Carefully selected the brand

Because different brands represent different styles and grades, it will directly affect the decoration costs and the psychological feelings that result. Therefore, it is very important to carefully select brands before buying sanitary products. At present, the international well-known brands in the domestic sanitary ware industry include American Standard, Dong Tao, Kohler, He Cheng, Coma, Laufen, Dan Li, Ying Tao, Lejia, and ideal standards; domestic famous brands include Eagle, 4D, Zhuangtou North, Jixiangdo, Diamond, Huida and so on.

Ware purchase needs matching

In the actual purchase, attention should be paid to the compatibility and professionalism at the time of product purchase, so as to avoid the waste of time and resources due to lost and second-order purchases. In this regard, purchases should be made in the following order and related knowledge.


When purchasing a toilet, in addition to the shape of the product itself, the first thing to notice is the wall distance of the toilet (the distance from the wall of the toilet refers to the distance from the center of the pipe outlet to the back wall). The standard wall distance is generally divided into 305mm and 400mm. In addition, pay attention to the way of flushing and water consumption when choosing toilets. Toilet flushing methods are common straight and siphon. In general, flush toilets are loud and easy to counteract. The siphonic toilet seat is a silent toilet seat with a high water seal and is not likely to be anti-odor. In terms of water consumption for squat toilets, the state requires 6 liters of toilets and 9 liters of toilets for water-saving toilets. Some manufacturers with strong technological development capabilities, such as Jixiangdo, vigorously develop 3/6 liters of urine stools. Separate flushing toilets, in the case of ensuring the washing effect, compared with the general toilet water saving 67%, from the environmental protection and save the use of cost considerations, is a better choice.

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