Hitachi Tools Releases End Mills for Efficient Machining of Sidewalls

Hitachi Tools has recently developed a multi-functional end mill for machining deep cavity irregularities in molds. The product name is α high-speed multi-function ASV end mill.

In the past, when the extension of the tool was lengthened, it was easy to cause deformation or vibration, and the processing efficiency was greatly affected.
Hitachi Tools' ASV-type end mills have a length of more than 200mm and the height of the concave and convex side walls of the processing tool can exceed 150mm. It is a high-efficiency new end mill for mold processing. It can not only complete the processing of ordinary end mills, but also can perform surface cutting, mold bottom processing and other sidewall processing, which can be used for both roughing and finishing. The standard size has five specifications: φ50, 63, 80, 100, 125mm; the standard product has an effective extension length of 200 to 400mm. The product price depends on the specifications. For example, the φ80mm ASV end mill is priced at 75,300 yen. The company plans to have annual sales of 200 million yen.

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