The development history and current situation of China's hardware universal tools and tool grinding machines

Development and status quo of universal tool grinding machines and tool grinding machines (machine tools) In recent years, modern machining equipment and processes represented by machining centers have placed high demands on tools; the accuracy, service life and structure of tools have become increasingly important. The more it becomes the bottleneck affecting the processing capacity and production efficiency, the expensive tools also become a large part of the production cost. Therefore, the re-machining (re-grinding) of the tool and the drill bit has become a problem that cannot be ignored in the manufacturing industry, and the user of the tool has also put forward new requirements for the selection of the tool grinding machine.
To be precise, the development of machine tools and tool grinders in China began in the early 1980s. During this period, most of the tool grinders on the market came from Wuhan Machine Tool Plant and Xianyang Machine Tool Plant. At the end of the 1990s, with the deepening of reform and opening up and the development of science and technology, the mechanical processing and hardware tools industry has mushroomed. Tool grinding machines cannot meet the needs of the current market, regardless of processing precision or output. In response to market demand, a number of emerging tool grinding machine manufacturers have emerged, such as Yingkou Guanhua Machine Tool, Taizhou Beiping Machine Tool, Huaying Precision Machine, Wenling Meiri Machine Tool, and Dongguan Gongda Precision Machinery. The addition of these emerging companies has gradually saturated the supply and demand relationship in the current market.
For the grinding machine users, this is a double-edged sword. The good side is that the consumers have more comparisons and choices. The bad side is that some new machine tool manufacturers have joined in order to compete for more market share. At the expense of sacrificing the interests of the buyers, in other words, some of them are actually "selling sheep's heads and selling dog meat." For example, Dongguan Gongda Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has registered many other companies in the industry, including Ningbo Yuanshan, Dongguan Changan Qiandao Machinery, Guangdong Beiping Machinery, and Changan Pioneer. Its main intention is to confuse customers by borrowing famous brands from Taiwan.
As we all know, the machine tool equipment, especially the tool grinding machine, has strong technical expertise, high technical content, and certain invisible safety problems. For the factory, the machine tool equipment is a depreciable fixed asset, and its value cannot be compared with the general consumer goods. Therefore, before buying a grinder, users must start with quality and brand. Don't buy cheap, anti-brand tool grinders on the market or on e-commerce platforms.

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