Global Stone Market Analysis

one. Japanese stone market
The Japanese building materials stone market is divided into two categories: one is the standard board part; the other is the engineering part.

1. Standard board section
Due to the early development of China, the technology is very mature, and because of its simple processing technology and easy management, this part of the market has been basically occupied by the workshop. In addition to the vicious competition of the workshop, the profit has been negligible, so the stone consortium-level enterprises basically gave up. This market.

Among the imported stone species, there are some varieties that are beyond the reach of the workshop, and there is still a certain profit margin. However, this part of the market will eventually be short-lived and can only be completed through trade and must not be invested in factories.

2. Engineering stone
Japan's requirements for technology and quality are world-famous. It is precisely because of this high threshold that it has blocked the indiscriminate bombardment of the vast number of workshops. High-quality and high-grade enterprises can do much in this market.

The Japanese are very honest and honest, and the same is true of the business field. Just the technical operation is very useful in this market.

In 2004, when I negotiated with the ADVAN company about the stone works of the Japan Life Insurance Company building, I did not make a big blow, but told them honestly that we had no experience and that it was not sure to complete such a huge project. When talking about production capacity, the author clearly answered that only 2,000 square meters per month can be completed. Thanks to our honesty, the return is that ADVAN is fully supportive of us. Not long ago, Mr. Lin Lao of ADVAN came to China and personally called the author, thanking us for the correct decision we made.

Not long ago, the author was invited by Japan ADVAN to visit Japan. When I saw our work, I couldn't believe that this work that was considered by Japanese industry insiders to exceed the level of Japanese old stone companies was from our hands.

two. American stone market
The US stone market is divided into three categories: one is the large board wholesale market;

The other category is the countertop market;

The third category is the engineering market.

1. Large board wholesale market
1) The large-scale wholesale market in the United States is very large. China's consortium-level stone enterprises have set their sights on this market, and there is a great potential for the Central Plains. As far as the author company is concerned, it is basically stable in the export volume of about 40 cabinets per month. As far as the current production status of the company is concerned, the maximum output of 50 cabinets per month has reached the maximum limit. With the improvement of our company's quality and popularity, the trend of increasing market share is irreversible.

2) To reduce costs and expand the market, you must go abroad.

The cost of the board is 70%, which means that the material is the main factor to control the cost. Only by going abroad, using limited funds, centralized control on a limited number of varieties, the best materials for large quantities of procurement. At the same time, we must strive for "most favored nation" treatment. It can be said that the success or failure of this battle in the US slab market depends entirely on the success or failure of the material procurement campaign.

To further broaden the US slab market, it is also required to go abroad and go to the United States to participate in all the exhibitions that can participate, and make friends and develop together. At the same time, the relevant fee-based websites will be opened and customers will be contacted via the Internet.

3) Oppose the blind expansion of production scale.

The construction of foreign resource producing areas is surging, in other words, the long life cycle of the processing and export of imported stone materials is worrying. The labor cost of processing more slabs is inherently small. China's labor advantage is not obvious in large-scale processing. If there is competition from factories in resource producing areas, China's large-scale processing industry will be in turmoil. By then, the second Taiwanese Hualien was born.

When expanding market share, reduce material procurement costs, while tapping internal potential, improving efficiency and reducing processing costs to expand exports. If the company's production capacity is insufficient, it will be processed externally. In short, blindly expanding the scale of production will bring devastating blows to the company.

4) Seize the beachhead position of domestic stone resources.

The slab market in the United States will never be exhausted. Once the advantages of imported stone are lost, whoever has the domestic stone resources, who is the last strongman.

The stone resources mentioned here do not refer to the stone that has been sold to the rotten market, but refers to the stone resources with certain grades developed by the stone consortium. The stone resources controlled by the consortium will not be ruined in the market. With such stone resources, the company can ensure the steady development of the company.

Therefore, the future consortium competition will turn to the competition of resources.

2. Countertop market
Americans like standardization, and even the countertops are standardized, which in turn provides a prerequisite for mass production.

For the production of countertops, the cost of using automatic assembly lines is too high. China's countertop manufacturers basically use hand processing. Since the Chinese are the most diligent and intelligent people in the world, we don't have many opponents at hand. That is to say, it is still necessary for countries that import resources to produce land to compete with Chinese people in the production of countertops. Due to the small investment in the production of countertops, we can do our best to expand the scale.

The competition for countertops comes from the domestic market. Due to the small investment, simple processing technology and simple management, it is even simpler than processing thin sheets. Even illiterate people can invest and build factories. The final stage of the countertop must be the same as the production of thin sheets today, and the consortium-level stone enterprises will surely retreat. The author believes that this situation is maintained for up to three years.

3. US engineering market
A factory with no taste is only deterred from the US stone engineering market.

One is to go out, one is to come in.

Going out is to go to the United States to participate in all the stone exhibitions that can participate, make friends, and open channels.

Please come in and ask the customers to come to the factory and go all out to carry out technical services to gain their trust.

three. EU stone market
Basically the same as the Japanese stone market, the European stone market is divided into two categories:

One type is the standard board part;

The other category is the engineering class.

1. Standard board section
A lot has been explained before, so I won't go into details here.

2. European engineering stone market
The engineering stone market in Europe is a huge family. Due to the tradition of traditional stone culture, there are many high-difficulty factors and high value-added projects. High-quality stone enterprises are all coveted.

Since Europe is very close to Italy, the imported stone and high-precision stone processing parts were basically swallowed up by Italy. Our strength lies in the domestic stone types and the processing parts that do not require high requirements. If you want to stand firm in Europe, you have to work HARD on these two issues.

First of all, we must work hard on domestic resources. It has been explained very clearly before, and will not be described again.

European stone works often require antiques, more or less special stone processing, and the profits are often very rich. Europe's stone engineering is not like Japan. Japanese people can do their technical work very succinctly. Unlike Europeans, their drawings are often very simple, and even some are scribbled, which requires high technical strength. This is precisely the specialty of our company, and it is also a masterpiece of technical management.

Not long ago, the author received designers and engineering general contractors from the UK. After some in-depth technical discussions, the author boldly concluded that the customer would not run away 100%. Sure enough, the stone of an iconic building on the Thames in London entered our bag.

The European market with high technology requirements has blocked countless low-level stone enterprises from the wall, and does not enter when to wait. It must be squeezed into the European engineering market through technical cutting methods, and only when Europeans believe that our technology is completely cleared, will they be fully trusted.

Fourth. Middle East Stone Market
The Middle East stone market here refers to the Middle East countries that produce oil. These countries are characterized by a serious shortage of labor. The demand for stone is very large, but the technical workers who install the stone and the engineering and technical personnel who organize the stone engineering are seriously lacking. Therefore, the design, production, construction and after-sales service are the main competitiveness.

The characteristics of this market have determined that the stone door enterprises have greatly improved their barriers to entry, and enterprises that cannot reach the one-stop service realm can export a little bit of meager stone products, and it is impossible to be in this market.

This requires us to complete the talent reserve work, such as: business personnel engaged in international trade, secondary design talents in stone engineering, project managers in stone engineering, engineering and technical personnel in stone engineering, construction technicians in stone engineering, stone engineering The logistics support staff, etc., a full set of stone engineering talents.

But even in the domestic engineering market, how many stone companies can do this? Some bosses may think very simple: I have money to hire talent. Where are you going to take the money? It is easy to match a set of one or more sets of such a team.

The effective way is to train, and the training platform of the stone industry system is expected to come and go. The author will take the lead in launching this banner and build this training platform to open the road for the Chinese stone people to enter the international engineering market and meet the water.

The key to the competition in the domestic stone market is to analyze the market and analyze the characteristics of competitors, and work hard to highlight the characteristics. "Eagle hits the sky, the fish is shallow," as long as it has its own characteristics, it will not stand out. As long as it has its own characteristics, it will not stand out. The key to competition in the foreign stone market is good reputation and brand effect.


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