The problem to pay attention to when buying a solid wood bed

First of all, to buy solid wood bed, pay attention to the environmental protection of the board.

The most important thing to choose a solid wood bed is to pay attention to the quality and environmental protection of the board. Because the solid wood bed is made of synthetic synthetic wood, it mainly includes three types: high density board, medium density board (medium fiber board) and particle board. Among them, high density board has the highest hardness, is not easy to crack, and has the best moisture resistance and high price. The second is the MDF, the particle board is soft, the moisture resistance is poor, and the price is cheap.

The environmental protection of materials is also one of the key links that cannot be ignored. At present, the environmental protection rating is divided into 6 grades from E0 to E5, which are successively lowered. The international ring mark is E1, and the domestic ring mark is E2. Generally, it is an environmentally qualified product as long as it meets the E2 standard.

Secondly, buy a solid wood bed, pay attention to the paint film on the surface of the bed.

Generally, the beds are painted and have a beautiful color. The quality of paint spraying is an important criterion for testing the quality of a bed. The beds are mainly matt lacquer and high gloss lacquer. Matte paint is a bit frosted, more wear-resistant; high-gloss paint is smooth in color, no matt wear, but the color is very bright, makes people look very comfortable, and is relatively clean.

Then, buy a solid wood bed to pay attention to the skeleton

At the time of purchase, the hand can be pulled down to test the elasticity of the skeleton, or the feet can be placed on the two rows of skeletons to measure the bearing weight. In addition, we must look at the thickness and number of the skeleton, there are 26 rows of skeletons, and 18 to 22 ordinary ones.

Finally, pay attention to the quality of cutting saws and metal parts when buying solid wood beds.

Buy solid wood bed. Pay close attention to the quality of the cutting saw, the quality of the edge and the surface decoration, and the quality of the plate port. Metal parts require dexterity, smoothness, and good surface plating treatment. There should be no rust, burrs, etc., and the precision of the fittings is higher.

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