Causes of bearing overheating and solutions

Abstract: Changsha multistage centrifugal pump manufacturers Southern Pump is specialized in producing multistage centrifugal pump manufacturers, the production of high head multistage centrifugal pump, using a wide range, and multi-stage centrifugal pump Changsha Pump Works Southern There are many series , Such as D-type, DG type, DF type, DM type, DY horizontal horizontal multistage centrifugal pump. However, multi-stage centrifugal pump in the course of the use of some common problems occur, now by the Changsha multistage centrifugal pump manufacturers pump to explain why you cause the cause of the bearing overheating and solutions. Key words: Multistage centrifugal pump Multistage centrifugal pump Multistage centrifugal pump manufacturers in Changsha Multi-stage pump manufacturer Changsha Pump Factory First, the cause of multi-stage centrifugal pump bearings overheating 1. Install or test multi-stage centrifugal pump shaft and whether the motor shaft concentricity, pump shaft and motor shaft misalignment can cause vibration caused by overheated bearings. 2, multi-stage centrifugal pump shaft worn or loose 3 are in operation, the centrifugal pump shaft lubrication problems or multi-stage pump There is no oil 4, if the bearing with oil ring, oil ring may not bring oil. 5, multi-stage centrifugal pump bearing cooling water is not enough or intermittent, so bearing overheating. Second, cause multi-level centrifugal pump bearing overheating solution 1, the multi-stage centrifugal pump shaft to conduct a comprehensive inspection and repair, so that the normal operation. 2, such as the old multi-stage centrifugal pump shaft problems, to be replaced multi-stage pump bearings. 3, the multi-stage centrifugal pump dirty oil release, cleaning bearings with kerosene, and then poured into qualified new oil. 4, check and eliminate the cause of multi-stage centrifugal pump without oil, if the oil ring wear, it should be promptly replaced. 5, check the multi-stage centrifugal pump cycle is tight, the hydraulic pressure is normal.

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