The literary fan in the mahogany wood

Some time ago, there was such a report that a British law firm unwittingly found an 18th-century Chippendale mahogany wooden table when cleaning up office furniture. This furniture with more than 80 years of use history was finally An antique agent in the north of England auctioned for £100,000. At this point, the value of mahogany furniture began to attract people's attention, and quickly became popular in the domestic high-end furniture market.

Mahogany wood is also widely used in the processing of vehicles and pianos. It is reported that the wood products required for a Rolls-Royce are all from the mahogany wood quality in West Africa and the Burr walnut in North America. The quality of the wood is evident. At the same time, with the rapid development of the domestic economy and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, high-quality mahogany furniture has gradually been paid attention and accepted by consumers. The high price has not blocked people's enthusiasm for mahogany.

Traditional handicrafts are also the luxurious side of mahogany furniture. When lifeless mechanical mass production is becoming more and more popular, the craftsmanship is more and more precious, and the craftsmanship and humanity make the high-tech eclipse. Take the latest "Hundred Years of Good" series of products from Cardier of the Yazhen brand. The hand-carved part of a three-person sofa takes nearly a hundred hours, and a complicated carving takes time or even hours; In the hands of craftsmen, there is vitality, carving and mahogany are natural, this vitality and full of human atmosphere, is the most exciting place of mahogany furniture.

A mahogany furniture made of hand-crafted solid wood with a fine workmanship and exquisite workmanship will be highlighted as a craft after a certain number of years. This is exactly a 200-year-old wooden table that can buy 100,000 pounds. s reason. Of course, in addition to having greater economic value, mahogany furniture brings more high-quality home life to users.

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