Antique market tricks

The antique market is difficult to distinguish, and many novice collectors are tricked into coming. The antiques are not faked, the right and wrong are eye-catching, and the unspoken rules handed down by this antique play give the antique swindler an excuse for peace of mind. At the same time, they are also full of confidence, because the ancestors have taught: Where there is greed, there is a liar's rice bowl.

Deception One: I don’t understand how to pretend to win. This is an entry-level street trick. When I describe the collection, I am a honest face that I don’t understand. For example, the ancestral porcelain that I have written for a long time is not literate, and I am waiting for you to come to the fore. If there are thousands of things in the market, here are three or five. One hundred can be sold. Under the stunned wisdom, there are many buyers who are cheap and self-invested.

Deception 2: Human Tricks - Direct Convergence: In online transactions, many familiar buyers and sellers will adopt the "no-cost payment" direct remittance transaction method, which is maintained by personal credit. At this time, there are scammers who have taken advantage of the "human tricks", let the other party taste the benefits of cost reduction in a series of small transactions, build a trust and run into a large transaction, and the funds will be deleted immediately after the receipt of the transaction. . Disappeared in the sea of ​​the net. "First raising pigs, then killing pigs" is about the trick of playing this kind of trick.

Deception 3: Every collection must have a story: every liar must be a good storyteller, this is the basic skill of the liar. From the introduction of the collections, it is not the old town demolition, the excavation of vegetables, the digs of bricks for excavation, but the generations of ancestral homes. The reason for tears to give up is not to use the money in the family, or to sell it to you. If you want to know more, you can talk about three days and three rests.

Deception 4: Sea tactics - vests top: vests are the most common tricks for online scammers. Usually, the high imitation stuff will be sent to the forum first, and then the other accounts will be reviewed together. How to open the door, beautiful, elegant. Let no? Envy and admiration. The rest of the things left you fooled.

Deception 5: Hanging sheep's head to sell dog meat - picture tactics: This kind of trick is more applicable to the Internet. One is to confuse new imitations or items that everyone does not understand; or to steal pictures from others on the Internet, and even more, with the collection pictures screaming, things look ok, the value is relatively high, but there is no actual Goods; the third is true and false mixed with selling, it depends on how the buyer's eyesight.

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