Embedded lighting selection considerations

The selection of the product has a large contrast between the ceiling and the brightness of the lamp, and the vertical surface illumination effect is poor, requiring sufficient installation space in the ceiling.

1) General principles

(1) Select lamps with reasonable light distribution. The type of light distribution of the luminaire should be determined according to the function and spatial shape of the lighting place.

(2) Select high-efficiency lamps. In the case of meeting the glare limitation requirements, direct lighting and open luminaires should be used for lighting that only meets the visual function.

(3) Select lamps that are easy to install and maintain and have low operating costs.

(4) In special places where there is a risk of fire or explosion and dust, humidity, vibration and corrosion, lamps that meet the environmental requirements should be selected.

(5) When the high temperature parts such as the surface of the lamp and the accessories for the lamp are close to the combustible materials, fire protection measures such as heat insulation and heat dissipation should be taken.

(6) Lighting fixtures shall have complete photoelectric parameters, and their performance shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current "General Requirements and Tests for Luminaires" and other standards.

(7) The appearance of the luminaire should be in harmony with the environment of the installation site.

(8) Consider the characteristics of the light source and the requirements for building decoration.

2) Indoor lighting place

(1) In places where uniform illumination is required, the allowable height-to-height ratio of the luminaire should be considered when selecting the luminaire.

(2) In places with centralized air conditioning and large lighting capacity, it is advisable to use a combination of lighting fixtures and air conditioning return air outlets.

(3) Lighting in the foyer, meeting, negotiation and other places should ensure sufficient vertical illumination.

(4) The arrangement of lighting fixtures should fully consider the combination with natural lighting.

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