Analysis of the pros and cons of wallpaper paint and liquid wallpaper from an environmental perspective

Why do so many people like to use wallpaper? It is convenient to change, the pattern is rich, the material is changeable, and the effect is easy. It is the main factor of its popularity. "After the decoration of the Hubei District Planning Director Zhu Bin told reporters, "But the wallpaper is not environmentally friendly. The wallpaper is first painted in front of the varnish during the construction process, and a layer of glue is applied, so the formaldehyde stays in the house for a longer period of time. In addition, it is very expensive, so you can only do local paving.

Today, with the topic of “environmental protection” and “energy saving” infiltrating into all walks of life, more and more consumers have placed environmental protection at the top of home decoration design. Compared with paint, wallpaper is not environmentally friendly, and where is its pollution?

"Upscale wallpapers are of course environmentally friendly. However, if you use low-grade wallpapers, the consequences are difficult to guarantee." According to the person in charge of China Resources Paint, "The wallpapers are divided into three categories: pure wallpaper, this is the best wallpaper. The price is very expensive; the Other is PVC wallpaper, now 90% of the market is PVC wallpaper; in addition, PVD wallpaper."

According to him, PVC paper needs to pass printing, and formaldehyde is needed in the printing process. Therefore, formaldehyde is something that must be controlled. No matter what brand of latex paint is often measured on formaldehyde, it is almost zero, but wallpaper is impossible because wallpaper must be Printing, wallpaper, many patterns are to be printed and then painted rails to make wallpaper patterns, so from the environmental point of view, latex paint is better than wallpaper.

At the same time, to ensure the durability of the wallpaper, it is often necessary to increase the wear resistance, which reduces the breathability, the structure of the seal, and brings new problems. First of all, the formaldehyde contained in the wallpaper itself is not easy to release; secondly, the moisture of the wall is not easy to evaporate, which results in the firmness between the wallpaper and the wall, and the requirement of the latex paint is less than or equal to 9.5%, but the wallpaper. There is no such indicator. Because latex paint requires the wall to match the alkalinity of the latex paint, if the wallpaper does not match the wall alkalinity, it will affect the wear resistance. At the same time, latex paint also has a thickness resistance index, but the wallpaper does not have this indicator.

Is paint necessarily environmentally friendly? Not so. But here it is certain: its environmental performance is better than wallpaper. At present, the demand for latex paint in Jiangcheng coating market accounts for about 70%. The 2008 Olympic Games venue chose Carpoly paint, and did not choose wallpaper, which shows that latex paint is more environmentally friendly than wallpaper.

From this point of view, in the traditional consumer concept, wall paint is still the first choice for home decoration, while wallpaper is more into the young and fashionable family.  

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