Classification of ultraviolet lamps

It can be classified by the energy per liter of lamp (W/CM). Commercialized UV lamps are divided into 80, 100, 120, 150, 160 and 240 W/CM. There is often no linear relationship between UV output and cure speed. The relationship between the two depends on a variety of factors, such as coating, substrate, reflector geometry and the total efficiency of the lamp, etc., the sensitivity of the pigment material to heat, the thickness of the pigment and the film, etc. will affect the UV The effectiveness of the light source.

The UV band covers the 100-400 cm range, but since UV-curable coatings are typically active at 200-450 NM, commercial UV-cured luminaires are also designed around this range to produce high UV light in this region.

At present, commonly used ultraviolet curing light sources mainly include mercury vapor lamps, metal halide lamps, electrodeless lamps and xenon lamps. From the perspective of the luminaire structure, the luminaire can be divided into two different types of UV luminaire systems: electrode luminaires (arc lamps) and electrodeless lamps (electrodeless lamps).

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