New curtains need to pay attention to

After the renovation of the new home, many people will pay attention to whether the harmful materials in the furniture and plates of the home exceed the standard, but they often overlook the environmental protection of “soft decoration”.

In order to enhance the wrinkle resistance and fire resistance of the products, many manufacturers add auxiliary components such as resin to fabrics such as curtains; currently, the curtains on the market are diverse in color and rich in patterns. To achieve this effect, these products will be added during the printing and dyeing process. A variety of chemicals such as dyes, which may contain formaldehyde.

The best way to get rid of formaldehyde in fabrics such as curtains is to ventilate them to make them more exposed to outside air. It can also be fully soaked in water, depending on the material. Ordinary cotton, linen, canvas curtains can be placed directly in the washing machine or sent to the laundry to wash, try to extend the soaking time; velvet material can also be soaked in water to wash, but can not be dried after washing, but placed on the shelf Dry on the air to make it dry automatically; there are flocking curtains on the market. It is best not to wash with water, otherwise the fluff will fall, affecting the appearance, and can be placed on the balcony and fully ventilated.

In addition to the curtains, bedding such as sofas, covers, sheets and quilts should be thoroughly soaked in water before use. It can reduce harmful substances and wash away dust and stains that may be exposed during production and transportation.

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