Daily-use ceramics enterprises fall into anti-dumping "encirclement circle"

Abstract One of the keywords that can not be avoided by the daily-use ceramics company presented at this year's China Fair is “anti-dumping”. In 2012, starting from the European Union, there have been successive proposals from Mexico, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Brazil...
One of the keywords that can be avoided in the daily-use ceramics company presented at this China Fair is “anti-dumping”. In 2012, starting from the European Union, Mexico, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Brazil and other successive proposals for anti-dumping inquiries have made China's daily-use ceramics companies into the "encirclement circle." In this regard, Shandong Yinfeng Co., Ltd., which has filed a response with the EU, has notified some reporters that if it ends the anti-dumping tax rate, or will bring a professional reshuffle, the brand companies with larger export plans also have The positive side.

EU anti-dumping duty up to 58.8%

On February 17, 2012, the EU recommended anti-dumping inquiries for Chinese daily-use ceramics, and at the end of the year, it began to make anti-dumping judgments against more than 2,000 domestic ceramic companies, and imposed a temporary tax rate of 17.6%-58.8% for a period of six months. On May 15 this year, the EU will vote on the end of China's ceramic import tariffs, and the end of the period will be valid for up to five years.

Not only the European Union, on August 30 of last year, Mexico also proposed anti-dumping inquiries for Chinese daily-use ceramics, involving a total amount of US$45 million; on August 31, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Economic Community recommended general-purpose ceramics for daily use. Ensuring the method of inquiries, in order to maintain domestic industry, the introduction of technical trading methods; December 26, the Brazilian Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry also decided to recommend anti-dumping inquiries for Chinese daily-use ceramic tableware products, and released the sampling company in January this year. List. For a time, China's daily-use ceramics company seems to have entered an anti-dumping "encirclement circle." In addition to anti-dumping duties, international shopping malls are increasingly proposing various technical standards, and even the principles of commercial social responsibility such as BSCI, further improving the testing and certification costs of exporting companies.

European orders are now rare

Shandong Yinfeng is one of the largest daily-use ceramics production companies in China, and ranks first in Shandong Province. At the scene of the China Trade Fair, the staff proved to reporters that the EU anti-dumping tax will have a certain impact in the short term. According to reports, before October of last year, some European importers foresee a change in tax rate and accelerated the purchase of orders, resulting in the obvious addition of daily-use ceramic products that entered the European market. However, with the implementation of the temporary anti-dumping duty, “from November to the present, orders from Europe are now very few.”

However, if the anti-dumping duties on Chinese daily-use ceramics are actually fulfilled after the expiration of the trial six months, it will be beneficial to brand companies such as Shandong Yinfeng. Yinfeng Import and Export Department Zhang Bin advised the Commercial Daily reporter that the anti-dumping duty should be formally fulfilled, and the end of the progress will still be passed on to the importer. If the importer is not willing to accept the capital added, it can turn to underground orders such as Bangladesh, Thailand and Vietnam. However, China is a big exporter of daily-use ceramics. Whether it is still a number of rational targets for production, it is irreplaceable in the short term. Then, some orders are still in China. Since Yinfeng is a company that responds to the EU, it fulfils the minimum tax rate of 17.6% in the anti-dumping duties. Regardless of the performance of the tax rate, even if it is compared with the peers who perform the 26.6% weighted average tax rate, they have obvious advantages. "There are indeed some small factories that are not doing well this year. Compared with the formal implementation of the anti-dumping tax rate, they can filter out some capacity."

Of course, Yinfeng will not be "smug" because of the comparative advantage in tax rate. According to the leak, European shopping malls accounted for 40% of the total export of Yinfeng. In addition to ensuring the export growth of the largest mall in the United States, Yinfeng also plans to develop new-style Russian shopping malls and high-end areas of Middle Eastern shopping malls, and respond to traditional exports with new growth points. The variables that the mall can present.

China's daily-use ceramics company has entered the "encirclement circle", and if it ends the anti-dumping tax rate, it will bring a professional reshuffle.

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