Ginseng fruit cultivation management taboo

Ginseng fruit cultivation management taboo:

1. Avoid excessive temperature and low temperature When the temperature is higher than 38 °C or lower than 8 °C, ginseng fruit can not grow normally; below 0 °C, the whole plant will be frozen to death.

2. Avoid cultivating ginseng fruit in the sticky land. In the rainy season, especially in the years when there is too much rain, it is easy to rot, and the whole plant will die seriously.

3, avoid pesticides improper use of ginseng fruit is extremely sensitive to dimethoate pesticides, it is not appropriate to use it to control aphids and mites, otherwise it will cause dead plants or production.

4, avoid the timely removal of side buds ginseng fruit side buds are very easy to germination. This not only affects growth, but also causes physiological flowering and affects fruit setting. Therefore, in addition to the selection of staying branches, the remaining side buds should be removed in time.

5, avoid excessive humidity, too much humidity is likely to cause Phytophthora, so pay attention to the greenhouse ventilation, reduce humidity; rainy years, pay attention to timely spraying new high-fat film, carbendazim, chlorothalonil, etc. for prevention and treatment.

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