Six LED display system maintenance knowledge

In order to ensure that the LED display can work normally, stably, and persistently, we should perform some routine maintenance on the LED display during daily use. The maintenance of the LED display system is an important one. Here's a look at how to maintain the LED display system:

First, the stability of structural components inspection knowledge
1, found that the fracture or other damage should be promptly replaced, special screws, pins, bearing beams;

2. When the emergency natural disaster notification is received, the stability and safety of various parts of the equipment shall be checked in a timely manner. If any problem is found, it shall be promptly intervened;

3, regular inspection products and steel structure welding point surface anti-corrosion anti-rust paint is off phenomenon, if there is flaking or rust should be sprayed anti-rust paint or smear anti-rust paste;

4. Perform maintenance once every six months.

Second, product maintenance, check the status of knowledge
<br> <br> certain specified period of maintenance, the timely processing of defective products, usually in a quarter cycle.

Third, lightning, lightning protection inspection knowledge 1, regularly check the reliability of the avoidance and grounding system;

2, after the lightning damage test tube, failure should be promptly replaced;

3. Check every rainy season.

IV. Knowledge of distribution system inspection
1. Check whether the cable connection terminals in the electrical cabinet are rusted or loose. If the above phenomenon occurs, replace the connection terminals or perform fastening.

2. Check whether the grounding of the power distribution system is normal. If it is not normal, check the cause and ensure good grounding.

3, regular inspection and inspection of the power and signal lines are not broken or bite phenomenon.

4, usually check the product distribution system every six months.

Five, LED lamp cleaning knowledge <br> <br> bristle brush to clean the surface of the LED lamp dust; or moistened with water and scrub; once every six months cleaning and maintenance.

Sixth, system reliability checks
1, according to the large-screen automatic pre-set mode to start, stop, brightness adjustment, program list and other items one by one test;

2. Check all connected cables and equipment for regular inspections and control accidents;

3. Perform system reliability checks once a week.

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