Cemented carbide performance characteristics

Hard alloy welding inserts have high hardness (86~93HRA, equivalent to 69~81HRC);

Good heat hardness (up to 900~1000 °C, keep 60HRC);

Good wear resistance.

Carbide tools have a cutting speed 4 to 7 times higher than high speed steel and 5 to 80 times higher tool life. Manufacturing molds and measuring tools, the life is 20 to 150 times higher than that of alloy tool steel. It can cut hard materials around 50HRC.

However, the hard alloy is brittle and cannot be cut. It is difficult to form a whole-tool with a complicated shape. Therefore, it is often made into blades of different shapes, and is mounted on the cutter body or the mold body by welding, bonding, mechanical clamping, or the like. .

Cabinet fitting series

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