Tile paving construction steps and attention issues

Inspection: Check whether the product model, grade, size and color number shown in the package are uniform. If the quality of the product is different, contact the purchaser.

Pay attention to the construction: pay attention to the treatment of the ground base layer, be sure to be solid, and there must be no empty drums. Use rafts, thick paper and other surface protection work when laying.

To make a seam, the gap is usually adjusted between 3-5mm.

Pay attention to the order: first affix the wall brick, the paving bricks need to be positioned by the cross, the caulking is best after the tiles are dry and fixed. The pattern of the mosaic is obvious, and the characteristics of the mosaic are recognized, and the orientation of the court is maintained.

Pay attention to the auxiliary materials: Pay attention to the labeling of the cement to prevent the tiles from being cracked due to the cement stress.

Recommended sand mud ratio: (cement: fine sand = 1:3).

Pay attention to cleaning: After the paving is finished, it is necessary to scrub the brick surface adhesive in time. It is best to keep the ground for 2-3 days before walking. Prevent the ground situation from being affected by external forces.

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