Discussion on the Construction Strategy of Standard Parts Based on Framework

In order to facilitate the expression, the knowledge in product design is divided into two categories: factual knowledge and regular knowledge. Factual knowledge is a description of relevant information in a known fact or reasoning process, such as the record of the decision process, the record of the evaluation results, and so on. Regular knowledge is a description of the form of condition-conclusion used for experience or common sense.

Instance-based reasoning consists of four processes of retrieval, reuse, modification, and preservation, often referred to as CBR cycles. Knowledge reuse in the product domain is the reuse of the design itself and the knowledge gained during the design process. It is the use of existing knowledge or experience into the current design to improve the quality and efficiency of the design.

Knowledge inquiry With the continuous development of enterprises, the types of standard parts generated in enterprises are increasing, and various design information is accumulated in a large amount. How to effectively manage existing standard parts and accurately analyze and extract the appropriate standard parts is the key to improving product development speed.

Factual knowledge includes model building, model series dimensions, and model diagrams. The model is built using the variant design. The variant design generates the model for a short time. The model is relatively simple. It can be used to modify and reuse the original design size, and effectively store the design model or design history in the database. It is suitable for expressing product families. Similar design. At the same time, the regular knowledge in the standard parts, such as the opening information of the standard parts, the assembly information, the automatic matching information of the dimensions, and the configuration information, are excavated. The knowledge classification based on standard parts building is as shown.

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