Fingerprint lock fourth generation "automatic lock body" pioneering technology was born

The society continues to develop and the security environment in China has been improved. However, according to reports from the news media, there are still some crimes such as house burglary and violent unlocking in the garden community across the country. The Chinese living environment needs to be improved and prevented. According to the customer's constant feedback, the first generation of the company developed the fourth generation of automatic lock body, that is, the door automatically pops up the multi-locking lock tongue and the heaven and earth pole. This is the most superior mortise lock body so far, with the highest security performance, allowing users Use it safer and more secure.

The fourth-generation automatic lock body equipped with the Jierer fingerprint smart lock is not only made of 304 pure stainless steel, but also integrates the multi-locking lock tongue with the transmission parts to distinguish it from the general product ferrule, and the bolt is connected with the iron piece. When the connecting bolt is closed by the convection wind flapping door, the bolt is broken when it is stressed.

At present, most of the fingerprint smart lock products are stuck in the second generation of the mortise lock body due to the failure of the process, and the shortcomings are very obvious. It is easy to forget to lift the handle when going out, and use the card or ID card to open the door. The security risks are very obvious.

The first initiative can guide the whole trend; backwardness can only follow the trend, and even follow is not qualified. If you want to be more innovative, you need to come up with something more advanced. If you want to be more advanced, you need to keep researching and deepening until you reach a realm that others have never reached before you can stand in the forest of the world. With the pioneering concept, the first generation of the fingerprint lock of the fingerprint smart lock is the fourth generation of “automatic lock body” technology, which meets the needs of the development of smart life and realizes the high, precise and sharp fingerprint intelligent lock technology.

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