Detailed installation method of ball bearing deep groove ball bearing

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Detailed installation method of ball bearing deep groove ball bearing

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Bearings without cages are installed; usually more than half of the steel balls are loaded first; or steel balls are loaded in the number of 186. according to the filling angle; other steel balls are to be loaded from the filling gaps. Fall out; the radius of curvature of the inner and outer gaps of the bearing is equal to or greater than the radius of curvature of the sodium ball; but the minimum spacing between the inner and outer notches is smaller than the diameter of the steel ball. The same; the ball is loaded with the ball; the steel ball is not easy to enter. Among the bearing channels.
The ball is raised and rushed to each side with a viewpoint; it is inclined; it is easy to be pressed to open the gap. There is a ball socket in the rising and rushing; it can be put into the steel ball; after the rushing; the steel ball enters the raceway. When loading the ball; The inner and outer gaps must be aligned; the inclined surface of the punch is used under the press of the press. The internal and external factors are elastically deformed together to expand; the gap size is increased; the steel ball can be properly connected to the bearing. If the hydraulic machine is used to load the ball; the steel ball can be opened when the gap is opened. Installed in succession. If using a crankshaft press and other equipment to load the ball; 5rJ after each steel ball; should pull or change the ferrule to make the steel ball out of the gap; in order to reload the next steel ball; until the steel ball is full Stop. When using the ball to fill the ball; prevent the use of large tonnage crankshaft or core press; avoid the formation of a safety accident.
Select the type 5 cage with the ball-notched deep groove ball bearing; the number of steel balls is even. In the installation; first install half of the steel ball into the bearing; then enter the 5-type cage from the bearing end side; Separate the ball. Then apply the upswing from the ball gap; insert the other half of the ball into the other side of the s-type cage. Because the ball and the cage are mutually disturbed; the gap between the inside and the outside is difficult to The ball socket of the cage is aligned; therefore, the ball loading process is difficult; usually it is necessary to rotate the bearing for dozens of reasons to push the orientation of the three.
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