Other rubber products machinery

Machinery used in tapes, hoses, rubber shoes, model products, glues and latex products.

Vulcanization tank

Used for vulcanized rubber hoses, rubber shoes, cables, rubber rollers, tapes, rubber sheets and other rubber products. In addition, giant engineering tires also require large vulcanization tanks for vulcanization. The main part of the vulcanization can is a cylindrical can body and an openable can lid. According to different process requirements, the vulcanization tank is heated and vulcanized with steam, steam-air mixture or steam in the fin tube.

Flat vulcanizing machine

Used to vulcanize rubber molded products, tapes and rubber sheets. It is mainly composed of a hot plate, a closed force member and a pressurizing mechanism. The rubber product to be vulcanized is placed between the hot plates by steam or electric heating, and the vulcanization pressure is generated by a hydraulic or mechanical pressurizing mechanism.

Drum vulcanizer

Used to vulcanize tape and rubber sheets. It is heated by a steel belt (or a steel belt) to press the product on a vulcanizing drum in a rotary state to achieve continuous vulcanization. The production capacity of the drum vulcanizer depends on the vulcanization process (vulcanization drum diameter), the speed of movement, the working temperature of the vulcanization drum surface, and the material properties of the product. The diameter and working length of the vulcanizing drum can reach 1500-2000 mm, and the production capacity of the drum vulcanizing machine can reach 1.5-2 m/min. In order to strengthen the vulcanization process, an infrared heater can sometimes be equipped.

Glue and latex products machinery

Large quantities of complex film rubber products are produced from glue and latex. The production process of latex products is different from that of dry rubber products. Glue and latex products machinery includes raw material processing machinery, impregnated product machinery, extrusion product machinery and sponge production machinery. The most important of these is the impregnated product machine that immerses the model in a glue tank (or latex tank). Its working principle is: put several models on the upper plate. When the plate moves, the model is immersed in the latex tank located below. After the tank is kept for a period of time, the model is taken out from the tank and sent to the next production process. .

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