Hardware Encyclopedia: How to count as a qualified security door?

The purchase of furniture hardware is related to the safety and comfort of consumers' daily life, especially the security door. As the first line of defense, the purchase of security doors has become very important. Here, Xiaobian has compiled some hardware tips for purchasing security doors:

The full name of the security door is the "anti-theft security door". According to the public security industry standard "General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Security Doors" GA25-92, which was formulated by the Ministry of Public Security in 1992, the security door must be qualified by the statutory testing organization according to the standard. The products produced after obtaining the permit for the production of safety technology prevention products issued by the safety technical protection department of the provincial public security department (bureau). The basic concept of the anti-theft door and the anti-smashing door is the same, and refers to a door that can be opened abnormally under certain conditions for a certain period of time, with a special lock and anti-theft device.

The security door with the lock is generally three-position lock. Not only the door lock is locked, but also the upper and lower rails can be inserted and locked to fix the door. Inferior security doors do not have a three-point lock or a three-point lock structure. And, the real good lock is not the more locks, the better. There are no essential differences between the four lock points and the 10 and 20 lock points. No matter how many lock points there are, the center is on the lock cylinder. As long as the lock core is broken, more lock points are useless. Generally speaking, there are 4 lock points.

The quality of the process should pay special attention to the inspection of the presence or absence of welding defects, such as open welding, non-welding, leakage welding, slag inclusion. Check whether the door leaf and the door frame are dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether all the joints are dense, whether the paint plating is uniform and firm, and smooth. Moreover, the security door with a slightly better quality is embedded with a rubber sealing strip on the door frame so that the door does not emit a harsh metal collision when the door is closed.

The real security door must pass the statutory testing agency to pass the standard test, and there is a permit for the production of safety technology prevention products issued by the safety technical protection department of the provincial public security department (bureau). At the time of purchase, you should also pay attention to the "FAM" logo of the security door, the name of the company, the implementation standards, etc. The doors that meet the standards can be safe and reliable.

"General technical conditions for anti-theft security doors" stipulates that within 15 minutes, the illegal elements can not open or use a portable electric tool such as a chisel, a screwdriver, a crowbar, etc., or a portable electric tool such as a hand drill to open a 615 square centimeter on the door leaf. Open the opening or open a 38 cm2 opening in a semicircle of 150 mm square. And the lock used on the security door must be a special security lock with anti-drilling function that has passed the test by the Ministry of Public Security Testing Center. The security door can be made of different materials, but only the door that meets the standard test and receives the safety product protection product can be called the security door.

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